8 Ways Digitizing Your Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance Checklist With a Template Can Save Time

Many businesses still rely on paper-based checklists to complete equipment maintenance and other tasks in their facilities. However, this outdated format severely limits efficiency and quality across all tasks. If you want to ensure your teams effectively complete all tasks the right way and on time, there are certain advantages of using a digital manufacturing equipment maintenance checklist to replace your paperwork.

Today, around 89% of companies have prioritized digital transformation to improve the efficiency of operations and reap its other benefits. Converting to digital checklists is a great way to facilitate this transformation.

The following are some of the principal advantages of switching to digital manufacturing equipment maintenance checklists.

One way you can save time on equipment maintenance with digital checklists is by ensuring teams complete all required tasks as needed. You can easily share your checklist with the designated maintenance staff and include all necessary items and details in a centralized, easily modified checklist, which will enable maintenance teams to access these checklists conveniently on mobile devices while in the field and see each task through to its completion. Team members can then make updates to the checklist accordingly and send it back to superiors for confirmation and approval.

Maintenance crews can also benefit from visuals uploaded to a manufacturing equipment maintenance checklist, including diagrams or photographs of inspected equipment and worn or damaged components. These images will go a long way in further increasing the efficiency of maintenance tasks. This can also help eliminate any potential confusion when field workers begin preventative maintenance, repairs, or replacements. 

In addition to helping maintenance staff complete their designated tasks, digital checklists help inspectors and managers with streamlined processes.

Inspectors won’t need to devote as much of their time to administrative tasks. This allows them to collect meaningful data in the field with ease. Using digital forms also improves standardization capabilities, allowing users to easily submit accurate information using a combination of drop-down menus and form fields. All data also appears in comprehensible fonts, eliminating the risk of illegible handwriting causing confusion among teams and staff members.

Managers also benefit from these checklists through the increased ease of scheduling inspections and assigning checklists. Management staff can send reminders to complete inspections as needed and work together with teams using cloud-based solutions.

If you can more effectively address maintenance issues with comprehensive and accurate digital checklists, you can ultimately minimize potential breakdowns and costly downtime. In turn, this will enable you to significantly boost productivity as you keep your operations up and running more consistently. Maintenance teams will be more proactive in handling maintenance issues as they arise and ensuring all maintenance tasks are completed properly the first time. This, in turn, reduces the risk of delayed or faulty maintenance.

Increased productivity also comes from the elimination of manual tasks through increased automation. Teams and staff won’t need to spend as much of their time completing and submitting paperwork when they can do so instantly using digital forms.

Another advantage of a digital manufacturing equipment maintenance checklist is the ability to efficiently manage and centralize your internal audits. As you incorporate changes to equipment, facilities, and operations, you can easily make universal updates to your auditing procedure and protocols that will reflect across the entire system. Additionally, you can automate the reporting process and keep teams up to date on a regular basis with every audit.

You can integrate your digital manufacturing equipment maintenance checklist into an inventory management system that helps you manage spare parts. When you’re able to determine what you have and don’t have, you can ensure you’re fully stocked with the parts you need for each critical piece of equipment. This way, you’ll always have what you require to help prevent equipment breakdowns before you can obtain the necessary parts. 

As inspectors, managers, maintenance crews, and others complete various tasks, they can update their statuses and notify the next person down the line. In the process, your business can track all activities from initial inspections and scheduling of maintenance to the completion of each maintenance task. As a result, nobody will be in the dark about which step in the maintenance process requires completion. You’ll ensure that every activity is on track and hold the assignees of each task accountable for completing it properly and in a timely fashion.

Once you’ve streamlined the maintenance process, you can save reusable templates in the most efficient format to make future inspections and repairs easier to complete. As operations go through various changes and updates, you can update corresponding aspects of your templates. In the end, this will save you save more time and optimize recordkeeping. 

Using cloud-based software and forms, any changes that people make will automatically update in real time. This helps in keeping all people with access to these forms up to date with the latest information. In fact, you’ll no longer need to have individuals make manual updates to reflect changes across all forms. This maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of information for everyone with access. At the same time, you can keep all forms consistently secure on these digital platforms, preventing unauthorized parties from accessing the forms or making unaccountable changes.

Digital checklists are essential for maintaining efficient and cost-effective operations for various reasons, including those listed above. Ultimately, the right digital forms will help you save more time and effort. This will enable you to maximize productivity among all teams and operations. The key is to find the ideal tools to help you simplify manufacturing equipment maintenance in your facilities. With the help of GoCanvas digital forms and mobile apps, you can simplify the maintenance process and streamline all activities. Discover how GoCanvas can transform maintenance and other tasks by requesting a demo or free trial today.

About GoCanvas

GoCanvas® is on a mission to simplify inspections and maximize compliance. Our intuitive platform takes care of the administrative tasks, freeing our customers to focus on what truly matters – safeguarding their people, protecting their equipment, and delivering exceptional quality to their customers. 

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