Maintenance Management

Maximize your maintenance management.

Don’t get bogged down with tedious, dated processes. Embrace an easy-to-use digital platform and make the most of your maintenance management.


66% of customers shortened time to receive completed forms

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Why GoCanvas

Shift into high gear and get more work done, decrease downtime.

In maintenance management, filling out forms can become repetitive and fraught with errors.

GoCanvas can help. Over half of our customers use digital forms for ongoing quality checks. These forms ensure more efficient data collection and increased accuracy, providing our customers with optimized processes that boost productivity.

Lumen in one year: 40% less paperwork and $1M saved

GoCanvas made it easy to simplify Lumen’s maintenance management with digital forms. Field techs can now complete reports directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to manually transport, scan, and sort forms. In their first year with GoCanvas, Lumen was able to reduce administration by 40% and saw $1M in savings.

Optimize maintenance management in several key ways.

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Proactive maintenance

  • Address issues before they require reactive maintenance
  • Automate maintenance operations and decrease risks that can be caused by using equipment that hasn’t been checked regularly
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Asset inventory

  • Organize assets to make it easy to know what you have where and how you can use it
  • Always have what you need in stock
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Standard operating procedures & documentation

  • Ensure that all procedures, checklists, and inspections follow the same process, regardless of who’s executing them
  • Optimize documentation processes and work orders with the right solutions
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  • Easily collect required data and submit it for compliance
  • Check that equipment is working correctly

You’ll find thousands of pre-built form templates in the GoCanvas library built from our experience with customers like you. And, you can customize them easily to fit your needs.

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See how GoCanvas integrates with the tools you already use for maintenance management.

Get pre-built connectors to sync your data, workflow, and communications.

Your vision, our product.

Gain a competitive edge and boost your revenue by partnering with GoCanvas. Discover why resellers are choosing to collaborate with us.

Check out even more maintenance management resources.

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How TE3CO Leverages Data Analytics to Unlock Business Potential

TE3CO provides mission-critical pressure relief technology and services to customers across the oil and gas industry. They employ a highly trained and capable workforce of field technicians and engineers. Before working with GoCanvas, TE3CO relied on spreadsheets and emails to manage their ticketing process but found the system time-consuming and difficult to track.

Two men in hard hats look onto a tablet.

VIP Lighting Gains Business Efficiencies with GoCanvas

VIP Lighting is a retail lighting and electrical maintenance company that services retail chains across Australia and New Zealand. The business has been operating for 25 years and now services 10,000 retail sites across both countries. Prior to joining GoCanvas in 2018, the business had multiple systems running different aspects of their technician and contractor network.

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Three HVAC Maintenance Checklists that will Reduce Errors and Grow Your Bottom Line

For HVAC technicians, so many errors within their daily tasks come from using outdated paper forms while completing a job. Using these HVAC inspection checklists will prevent issues before they happen, so your technicians can collect comprehensive and consistent data at every job.