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The Definitive Guide to Eliminating Construction Paper Forms

Construction | Data Collection

If you’re struggling with construction forms getting lost, damaged, or destroyed, then there’s a solution at your fingertips: mobile apps.

State of Construction 2022: 7 Reasons to Prioritize Digital Investments

Construction | Safety

The construction trend in 2022 is working smarter, not harder. The industry is facing unique challenges – like learning to do more with less and going digital is the clear answer.

4 Ways Independent Auto Shops Can Compete with Dealerships

Transportation & Logistics

Discover the perfect opportunity to level the playing field and boost your repair business. As cars on America’s roads continue to age, consumers increasingly trust independent shops like yours over dealerships. Take advantage of this trend and outsmart your competition with our exclusive eBook.

Modernize Your Law Practice in 3 Steps

Business Operations

Modernizing your firm will not only streamline your processes but also give you more time to do what clients hire you to do: practice law.

Your Pest Control Business: Create a Better Team in 4 Steps

Data Collection | Safety

Learn how to better empower your employees to help them be as good at capturing and controlling business-critical data as ridding the world of rodents and roaches.

Why Mobile Apps Are a Must-Have For Electricians and Plumbers

Business Operations | Construction

Discover the power of mobile apps in streamlining operations, improving communications, and staying ahead of the competition.

Five Common Hazards in Oil and Gas Extraction and How to Address Them

Business Operations | Oil & Gas

GoCanvas offers digital and automated safety compliance and asset management solutions to help you make your oil and gas worksites safer and reduce risk.

How to Manage Remote Sales–And Shorten the Sales Cycle

Business Operations

Discover how to manage remote sales with mobile apps that deliver data in real time and give managers more knowledge in more places.

How Digitizing Workflows Will Transform Your Business

Business Operations

In this eBook, you’ll learn about the three major ways to harness the power of workflow digitization and automation to benefit your company.

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