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Feature Focus: Share Data in Seconds with Canvas’s Quick Connectors

Canvas is more than just a platform for collecting data, it's also a tool to help your business both share and analyze data without the need for complex integrations. Learn how you can begin connecting your data to your in-house systems and start making faster business decisions today!

By Keith Bateman on March 29, 2017

Webinar Wrap-up: All Your Questions Answered - Part #1

The best part about any webinar we hold is the amount of great and insightful questions we get from our customers. It is extremely important to us that we respond to every question that was asked, so here we are! Click here to get the answers to all your webinar questions.  

By Keith Bateman on March 27, 2017

Missed the Webinar? Watch it Now: Features & Updates You May Have Missed in Q1

Don't miss our biggest webinar yet! Watch along as we take you through some of the biggest enhancements to the Canvas platform, including the 1st look at the brand-new Dispatch Calendar! 

By Keith Bateman on March 23, 2017

3 Ways to Use the Brand New Delete Dispatch Action in Zapier

Great news! We've made our integration with Zapier even better.  Not only can you connect and push data to over 300 web programs, now you can pull data from your existing systems and have it update your Canvas Dispatch Manager. Click to learn more!

By Keith Bateman on March 23, 2017

Hotels are Eliminating Paperwork & Increasing Guest Satisfaction

In order to be successful in the Hotel Industry, it takes being able to properly take care of both your guests and your property. As the industry begins to grow larger and more competitive, technology is opening the door for hotels looking to gain an edge in the way they collect, share, and analyze operational data. Explore how mobile forms can give your hotel an edge in the market. 

By Keith Bateman on March 21, 2017

Release Notes: Dispatch Calendar, Reference Data in Builder, Landscape View and More!

There are releases from Canvas and there are RELEASES from Canvas!  This is a RELEASE!  I am very biased, but this is one of our most exciting releases yet.  Feedback from our amazing customers has led us to this moment, so let's get to it. Read on!

By Jason Good on March 19, 2017

Paypal & Canvas: Taking the Pain Out of Mobile Payments

What kind of paper does every business care about? Money! With Canvas's integration to Paypal, you can cut out the paperwork you don't need and get more of the green you need within minutes. Read how easy it is to start collecting mobile payments within your business today. 

By Keith Bateman on March 15, 2017

Snow on the Way? Learn How Snow Removal Companies Can Avoid Getting Buried in Paperwork

With the East Coast about to get hammered with a surprise winter storm, we thought it appropriate to show how easy it is for snow removal companies to go paperless with mobile forms. Learn how your company can make the switch before the snow even hits the ground!

By Keith Bateman on March 13, 2017

How Moving Companies Are Reducing Their Paperwork & Increasing their Efficiency with Mobile Forms

The moving industry is one that is flooded with paperwork, inefficiency, and liability.  In order to address these issues, as well as to increase customer satisfaction, companies are making the switch to mobile forms. Read how companies like AB Moving are saving over $500K a year and how your business could too!

By Keith Bateman on March 8, 2017

Feature Focus: Create Custom Reports with the PDF Designer

When you go paperless, that doesn't mean that you lose the need for reports. For many businesses, it is still extremely critical that their clients are able to receive a copy of the services that were rendered. With Canvas, we have created a tool that allows clients to design their reports to replicate the style and design of their original paper forms! Learn how you can do the same with yours' today. 

By Keith Bateman on March 6, 2017