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Why Service Electric Co. Ditched Paper Forms After 60 Years

Service Electric Company has been in business since 1945, and was one of the first major electrical contractors to go paperless with their work crews over 7 years ago. They decided to stop sacrificing time and productivity by holding onto their paper-based systems. Learn how Service Electric made their transition from paper and have saved over $2.1 million dollars since!

By Keith Bateman on September 28, 2016

The Top 5 Motivations Behind Why Companies in Health Care are Moving Away from Paper Forms

Have you heard? The Health Care industry is finally making the switch from paper to mobile technology. Wonder why? Take a look at the Top 5 motivations why companies are leaving their stacks of paper behind and moving to mobile forms for good. 

By Keith Bateman on September 27, 2016

Sierra National Asphalt Increases Productivity by 50% with Canvas Mobile Forms

Serving the state of California, Sierra National Asphalt has over 40 years of combined experience in the professional concrete & construction industry. They found that as their business grew, the frequency of mistakes being made increased because of their out-dated paper processes. So they began a journey to find a solution that would not only streamline their frontline operations, but also clean up their back office data management. 

By Keith Bateman on September 23, 2016

Still Using Paper for your Project Site Diaries? Then You Need To Read This

In 2016,  there is a growing number of companies looking to go paperless but have no idea where to start. For the Construction industry, the fastest and easiest way is to convert their paper Site Diaries into dynamic mobile forms. This allows for companies to see an immediate impact on the accuracy, timeliness, and organisation of their data. Read more to see how converting just one form can increase the efficiency of your entire company. 

By Keith Bateman on September 21, 2016

How Karl Storz Saved $115K Since Switching to Canvas

Since 1945, Karl Storz - Endoskope has been a global leader in providing the best in medical equipment and technology. As their company grew globally, so did the demand for faster and more accurate data collection. When they realized that paper was becoming a hindrance not only to their staff but also to their financials, Karl Storz sought out Canvas. 

By Keith Bateman on September 19, 2016

Top 5 Motivations Behind Why Construction Companies Are Switching from Paper to Canvas

In our recent 2016 Summer Survey, we asked a sample of our current Construction industry customers about their motivations for switching from their old processes to something completely new like Canvas. We wanted to know what really drove them to take the next step in their business, and revolutionize the way they collect, share, and learn from their data. Take a look at what we found!

By Keith Bateman on September 16, 2016

How Llewellyn Smith Made the Switch to Canvas & Increased Productivity By 50%

Llewellyn Smith has become one of the leaders in energy compliance-based services. But before they became the leader, they were dealing with truckloads of paperwork that was stalling their growth. Learn how they ditched the paperwork and generated a $139,000 annual ROI with Canvas. 

By Keith Bateman on September 7, 2016

Release Notes: Inactive User Report and Improved Application Store Search

We did a lot of "behind the scenes" work during this development cycle for Canvas. There are a couple of things worth noting, however, to make your lives easier. If there is anything you think Canvas needs, please send any and all feedback to

Now let's see the new stuff... 

By Jason Good on September 6, 2016

Learn How to Create Custom Dashboards with Canvas Business Insights

Looking to do more than just collect data faster? Canvas Business Insights gives you the ability to dive deep into your data. This allows for easy integration of your data into custom built charts, graphs, and pivot tables. Learn more about the most common ways companies are learning more from their data with Canvas Business Insights!

By Keith Bateman on August 31, 2016

10 Ways Automating Workflow Will Help Your Business

Digitizing your paper forms will improve accuracy and compliance. But workflow automation can truly transform your company. Our checklist tells you how. 

By Michael Benedict on August 30, 2016