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Infographic: Your Guide to OSHA’s Construction Safety Regulations


GoCanvas offers hundreds of mobile forms created by and for construction workers specifically with OSHA regulations in mind.

The True Cost of Trucking Compliance

Safety | Transportation & Logistics

Learn just how much your trucks’ noncompliance can cost your business and how you can mitigate these costs using GoCanvas.

What’s the Cost of Paper at Your Business?

Business Operations | Data Collection

More and more businesses are switching from paper forms and documents to digital for their company needs. Why? The answer is clear – the environment and cost savings.

How Paper is Costing Your Business Real Money

Data Collection

Discover the hidden costs of paper in your business with this insightful infographic.

OSHA Report: The Top 4 Violations of 2016


Discover OSHA’s top four violations in 2016, highlighting workplace safety concerns. Learn about compliance issues and measures to protect employees.

5 Easy Steps to Transition from Paper to Mobile Forms

Construction | Data Collection

Discover the 5 easy steps to go paperless in construction with this informative infographic. Streamline your workflows, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

Inforgraphic: What are the Safety Road Blocks for Oil and Gas?

Oil & Gas | Safety

The oil and gas industry is a crucial, but risky industry. While the industry has gotten much safer over the years, a recent study by Draeger reveals major gaps we can fix.

How Will Digital Transform Manufacturing?

Construction | Data Collection

While a considerable number of manufacturers still have old-school, offline operations, that number will drop to almost zero in the next five years — and that’s just the beginning.

June is National Safety Month – Are You Protecting Your Employees?

Data Collection | Safety

This infographic will illustrate the amount of productivity that is lost when employee safety and occupational health are not made a priority.

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