About Us

Go Digital, Go Smarter, Go Safer,
and Go More Efficient.

Who We Are

GoCanvas®, part of the Nemetschek Group, is committed to transforming how businesses connect their office and field workers. Our user-friendly platforms aim to simplify inspections, digitize traditional paper-based processes, improve safety, and ensure maximum compliance with industry standards.

GoCanvas mobile and cloud solutions are designed to streamline data collection from the field to the office, taking care of administrative tasks so our customers can focus on what matters most — ensuring the safety of their teams, maintaining the integrity of their equipment, and operating more efficiently.

Since 2008, GoCanvas has been driven by a commitment to excellence and continuous innovation. Based in Reston, Virginia, and operating three distinct platforms—GoCanvas, Device Magic, and SiteDocs — we are trusted by thousands of companies to optimize their operations and deliver fast, high-quality results.

What We Believe

Paperwork is unnecessary, distracting, inefficient, and just plain frustrating.

We believe your time, attention, and industry expertise are too valuable to be spent agonizing over paperwork.

And we believe your unique insights and years of cultivated experience are best spent with boots on the ground making a difference for your business and your customers.

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Viyas Sundaram

Viyas Sundaram
Chief Executive Officer

Jason Pletcher

Jason Pletcher
Chief Operating Officer

Kent Bergstrom
Chief Strategy Officer

Anya Yudkovsky

Anya Yudkovsky
Chief Technology Officer

Judith Dye

Judith Dye
SVP, People & Culture

Josh Johnsen
General Manager, Jobsite Management

James Taylor
General Manager, Fire & Life Safety

Ema Gantcheva

Ema Gantcheva
SVP, Marketing


At GoCanvas, our values shape everything we do. Whether it’s the people we hire, the way we work, or the goals we set – it all comes down to our values.


Empathy drives everything we care about; our relationships with our customers, our relationships with our teammates, and the decisions we make about our product.


Our impact is obvious; from the incredible value we deliver to our customers, to the wonderful team we have built, and the impact we have on the community – if we aren’t making an impact we don’t do it.


We bring our whole selves to work, even the quirky sides. We tell the truth, even when it is uncomfortable. We are proud of the honest work our team does.


Our customer-obsession puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. Their success is our success, and their unique problems challenge us to make something great.

Team Player

We know the best solutions are only possible when everyone brings their unique contributions to the table and works as a team.


We do serious work, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our brand of self-deprecating humor humbles us, bonds us, and endears us to our customers. We hope.

Careers at GoCanvas

We’re on a mission to assemble a team of people who strive to make an impact and enjoy collaborating.

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