The True Cost of Trucking Compliance

If one of your company’s trucks receives an out-of-service violation, you might expect to pay a fine — but have you considered the hidden expenses of that violation, such as the cost of downtime or roadside repairs? They add up quickly. Learn just how much your trucks’ noncompliance can cost your business in this infographic.

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The true cost of Trucking Compliance – If your business has trucks on the road, you may already know that violating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations can incur fines. However, the cost to your business associated with noncompliance can be more expensive than you may think.

Downtime and repairs

  • 2,323,533 total commercial vehicle inspections in 2016
  • 464,343 total commercial vehicles given out-of-service (OOS) violations
  • About 1 in 5 vehicles receive an OOS violation

How does that affect your business?

Assume the truck travels 50 mph and earns $1.75 per mile. 1 hour of downtime, therefore, equals $87.50. 10 hours out of service will set you back $870.00.

Most common vehicle violations: Missing documentation of required periodic inspection; Tires; Brakes; Vehicle defects; Lighting.

Plus roadside vehicle repairs are 3 to 5 times more expensive than performing the repair at the home terminal.

Fines and Civil Penalties

Violations of FMCSA regulations can result in civil fines:

  • Record keeping violations $1,100 per day. If the violation continues, it increases up to $11,000
  • A driver operating a commercial vehicle that’s been placed OOS: $3,100
  • Employer penalty for allowing an employee to violate OOS orders, up to: $27,500

Accidents and Crashers

The average cost of a collision involving a commercial vehicle:

  • Accident with property damage only: $18,000
  • Accident resulting in injuries: $331,000
  • An accident resulting in a fatality: $7.2m

Costs account for: Property damage, lost worker productivity, worker’s compensation and medical expenses, legal and court costs, and higher taxes to support emergency services.

The top associated factor for commercial vehicle crashes is brake problems. Crashes involving large trucks were caused by: 87% driver and 10% vehicle faults.

76% of roadside inspection violations and repairs could be avoided with pre-trip inspections.

With mobile inspection apps, drivers can perform critical inspections with ease – so you can keep your employees and other drivers safe, and your vehicles on the road, generating revenue.