How TE3CO Leverages Data Analytics to Unlock Business Potential

About the Company

TE3CO provides mission-critical pressure relief technology and services to customers across the oil and gas industry. They employ a highly trained and capable workforce of field technicians and engineers.

The Challenge

Before working with GoCanvas, TE3CO relied on spreadsheets and emails to manage their ticketing process but found the system time-consuming and difficult to track. The business had grown from 3 units to over 140 units across the U.S. and Canada in a short period of time, and the ticketing process had become an “absolute nightmare” in the words of John Kovac, Technology Integration Manager at TE3CO.

  • Highly complex
  • Multiple clicks
  • Manual data entry
  • Time-consuming
  • Traceability was difficult

The Solution

TE3CO partnered with GoCanvas to simplify its ticketing process and increase efficiency:

  • Minimize rework and ensure accuracy by automating data entry
  • Streamline data collection through one database
  • Identify bottlenecks and improve process efficiency with data analytics
  • Spend less time on reactive admin tasks, allowing more time to focus on a proactive growth strategy

“The ability to fill out field tickets real-time, have the customer sign real-time, and be able to track it from its fruition through the final process was absolutely game-changing for our company. It used to take until the 15th or 16th of the following month to close out every ticket for the month, averaging approximately 85 to 90 tickets a month. Now, we’re able to have the month closed by the first or second using such things as workflow and being able to follow it from beginning to end,” said John Kovac

The Impact

Now that TE3CO has implemented GoCanvas to help with field operations and management, they’re able to save time and money by eliminating manual processes and having data that’s accessible for decision-making.

“Once our technician fills out the ticket, there’s no more transferring of data. GoCanvas handles all that. Using reference data and integration data, you can have everything in a dropdown, so every person is filling out all the generic information the same way.”

Software for the field service industry has the potential to make a significant impact on overall efficiency and productivity. Ensuring data is consistent, standard, and accessible can enable organizations to make more informed decisions.

“I have five apps that are being brought into analytics. From there, I can break that down by district, by camp, by company – once it’s in, you can drill into it as far as you want to. The world is at your fingers, and the more information you can get for one of your customers, the better it is,” said Kovac.

Leveraging software built for the field, TE3CO has found they’re able to:

  • Free up 20-30 man-hours/month
  • Save ~$60,000/year in resource efficiency
  • Identify leading indicators in 10 minutes vs. three days
  • Track tickets in real-time ticket
  • Reduce billing time

“There’s so much that you can do when you have the proper information to know that you’re running your company properly and that you’re charging properly and taking care of your customers properly,” said Kovac.

How GoCanvas Analytics Works

GoCanvas Analytics provides a seamless solution to report on submission data, visualize what’s happening, and distribute your findings throughout your organization. Drill down into one facet of your business or keep track of everything in a high-level view. Uncover trends and make data-driven decisions that result in improved productivity, cost savings, and increased revenue.