How Lumen Saved $1M Their First Year with GoCanvas

The Background

Lumen is an enterprise technology platform that enables companies to capitalize on emerging applications. They integrate network assets, cloud connectivity, security solutions, and collaboration tools into one platform that enables businesses to leverage their data and adopt next-generation technologies.

Within Lumen, their Critical Infrastructure (CI) team maintains the equipment that supports the network – facility systems that keep the lights on and the temperature at a steady state. This includes regular inspection, implementation, review, and repair of cooling and power systems across North America.

The Problem

Prior to using GoCanvas, the CI team utilized paper forms for service and preventative maintenance (PM) reports. This process involved sending a technician to a site, completing an inspection form, returning the forms to a central office, scanning the form, then attaching the scanned reports to particular database entries.

Seeing how much time was being spent by technicians to complete administrative work, the CI team sought out a solution with GoCanvas to reduce the headaches from traditional paper and give time back to their crew members in the field.

The Outcome

With GoCanvas, the CI team could complete service and PM reports directly from their mobile devices, then transmit the data to their content management system (CMS). This meant more time for technicians to perform repairs when they would otherwise be transporting, scanning, and sorting forms.

GoCanvas also provided an opportunity to streamline the actual inspection process. Previously, the CI team had 15 different paper service reports to cover the various system assets at a location. GoCanvas allowed them to consolidate into a single digital report, automatically populating relevant checklists and information as a technician completes a form.

Moving to a single digital report has removed the time spent inputting duplicate customer and location details across multiple paper forms. Plus, technicians could complete service reports for multiple asset types on a single form submission, which automatically routes and sorts to their CMS.

Rod Badley, Critical Infrastructure Manager for the Central US, estimates that the move to GoCanvas has, ‘reduced our admin touch by 35% to 40%,’ with savings up to $1 million in the first year they used GoCanvas. Rod shares, ‘the more time we can spend doing actual work instead of doing administrative work means more money and more savings for us.’

Ready to Rethink How You Work?

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