How Digital Forms Solve Problems Beyond Predictive Maintenance

By GoCanvas Team on December 22, 2022

Many businesses spend a lot of money on predictive maintenance to avoid potential issues. However, predictive maintenance alone won’t cover all maintenance requirements. You also need to account for unpredictable maintenance. This could include equipment that experiences unexpected issues along with other potential problems. You must be able to address these before they develop into bigger issues, making it necessary to focus as much on emergency maintenance as you do on predictive maintenance. If you need a way to meet both predictive and emergency maintenance needs, one of the best solutions is to digitize all maintenance forms and route them efficiently.

The Importance of Maintenance Digital Forms

Top players across a wide range of industries have used a variety of digital tools for maintenance, such as templates, mobile apps, and asset management. These tools have helped with a number of tasks, helping to minimize the risk of unplanned outages while dramatically increasing the productivity of maintenance labor. By using the right tools, companies have been able to increase availability and their employees’ efficiency, leading to a 4% to 10% increase in profitability for some businesses, according to a McKinsey report.

Generally, as McKinsey has shown, digitized maintenance solutions and new technology have the ability to reduce costs by as much as 15% to 30%. To get the most from your digitization efforts, it’s important to know how to go about them. One effective approach to take is to digitize your maintenance forms, which can optimize efficiency in several ways.

Optimizing Predictive and Emergency Maintenance with Digital Forms

Wondering what specific benefits digitized forms can have on both predictive and emergency maintenance? The following are some of the key advantages of implementing a digital solution and going paperless.

Save Time on Searching for Forms

Employees may spend a lot of time looking for physical paper forms, which could cost you precious time in the event of an emergency. Using a digital automation system, you would be able to instantly provide field workers with the forms they need to ensure that tasks get done quickly.

The right system will help you navigate all forms and transfer them to field workers and others as needed. This will help prevent the problem from getting even bigger.

Simplify All Maintenance Tasks

Companies can use digital forms to more efficiently plan and assign maintenance tasks, including predictive maintenance, equipment maintenance, and emergency tasks. In addition to primary forms, you can also develop and send inspection checklists to further simplify the process. Field workers can access all necessary forms remotely and see precisely what they need to do. They can then report their progress through the system to help with the tracking of maintenance tasks.

Instant Generation of Work Orders and Inspection Forms

As soon as you need to put them together and send them out, maintenance forms of all types can enter the system and go to designated staff. You don’t need to spend as much time generating and printing these forms, which could be costly in the event of emergency maintenance requirements. You can also include as many details as you need to with more ease than on paper forms.

Flexible Designs for Forms

To make things even easier for maintenance teams and supervisors, you can include plenty of details in varying form designs. For instance, you might want to include images and labels that help visualize a specific problem with equipment. This would clearly indicate which components require repairs or replacements, which would help get the job done right the first time.

You can also include many details in your forms, such as the date and specific time when the issue developed, tag numbers for equipment, the replacement parts the equipment needs, and the specific location of the equipment.

Record and Analyze Data Entry

If you encounter an unpredicted maintenance issue, it’s important to gather as much data about it to anticipate it in the future. Doing so can help reduce the chance of unexpected problems and grow your list of predictive maintenance tasks. This makes it necessary to record and analyze the details of specific tasks before and after completion. Digitized forms would make it easy to accomplish this, with the ability to generate and put together reports, even while your teams are still in the field. Field workers could include various details and transfer them to supervisors, who can then analyze and store them for later use. This would help make more informed decisions in the future.

Maintain Compliance with Digital Platforms

Digital platforms enable companies to create procedure forms and checklists that adhere to specific regulations and laws. This will help improve overall compliance, increase safety among employees, and generally mitigate risks.

Get the Most from Maintenance Operations with Digital Forms

Digitization is important for every industry today. Regardless of the type of business you run, you likely need to perform various maintenance tasks, making it crucial to digitize these processes. If you want to be on top of both predictive and emergency maintenance, one of the best solutions to implement is digitized forms. With a paperless ecosystem behind your maintenance operations, you’ll be able to save more money, proactively handle maintenance tasks, and increase overall efficiency.

While there are many digitization solutions out there, you need to find the right one for your business. You should look for a tool that offers plenty of features while offering the potential for high ROI.

Improve Your Companies Maintenance Management with GoCanvas

One of the most effective solutions available for businesses across all industries is GoCanvas. Using GoCanvas, you can save more time and money through digital forms. You’ll be able to use this platform to eliminate all paperwork and optimize data collection. You can also use it for much more than maintenance tasks as you make the transition to a paperless environment. GoCanvas can help generate forms, collect data, and facilitate analytics to continually optimize maintenance and much more. For more information about GoCanvas and how this tool can assist with maintenance optimization, connect to an expert and request a demo today. You’ll see what makes our solution among the most reliable for resolving all maintenance issues.