We’ve Made Work Hub Even Better: Do More in Less Time

By GoCanvas Team on September 23, 2022

Have you gotten to know Work Hub yet? It’s the new, fastest way to gain FULL visibility and connect your field team to the office.

Find what you need in less time with powerful search & filter capabilities. 

  • 90% faster performance in returning search results
  • Improved query accuracy, thanks to a larger volume of content being searched
  • Flexibility to target results by specific date ranges, forms, and/or assignees

In this post, we’re going to break down all of the bells and whistles of Work Hub: what it is, how it will save you time, and how it will empower you to prepare for every possibility.

As you know, transformation is a constant in the business world. Change is how you best serve the needs of current customers, attract and delight new customers, and retain talented employees. 

But sometimes transformation is adaptive, as a result of disruptions in the environment. In fact, many thought leaders have suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic was a historic “change engine,” in their digital operations, setting new norms and preventing a return to the way things were. 

For whatever reason, your business has had to adapt and change over the past couple of years, and it’s certain that you’ll continue to adapt moving forward.

GoCanvas recognizes that thousands of our customers look to us to guide them on their digital transformation journey – and that’s why we’re especially thrilled to be launching Work Hub. 

What is Work Hub? 

Work Hub is GoCanvas’ new, modernized platform that gives you real-time visibility to manage all your fieldwork from one central location. 

Now you can easily track projects and jobs at every stage – upcoming, in progress, and completed. We’re confident Work Hub will enable you and your team to work smarter, thus saving you time and money.

The New GoCanvas Experience 

We’re always working to improve the GoCanvas experience. It’s important to note that Work Hub is an update, not a feature – in other words, there’s nothing to enable. It’s free because we want to help our future and current customers evolve and grow.  

Our mission is to help you save money, keep your team connected, and reduce risks with real-time business insights.

Thousands of organizations trust GoCanvas to capture better data and complete things like site inspections, audits, and compliance reports. Our simple-to-use software empowers companies to automate paperwork, update safety audit checklists, and make things more efficient with technology (no programming or software needed). Now, with the addition of Work Hub, you gain a modern, efficient way to get better visibility.

All your work in one central location

Jump into Work Hub to:

  • See a full picture of what your field team is working on by managing all your in-progress work.
  • Keep your operations on target with full control of all your upcoming fieldwork.
  • Visualize all your completed tasks across your organization to tackle your next project. 

Looking Ahead 

No doubt about it, transformation is a constant. That’s why GoCanvas will continue to evolve and serve our current and future customers. 

Our mission is to help you save money, keep your team connected, and reduce risks with real-time business insights. The changes we’ve made to Work Hub were made with your needs in mind.

GoCanvas will transform how you do business. Take a minute to explore how Work Hub can offer you real-time visibility of all your fieldwork from one central location. 

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