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Esthetician Consent Form Mobile App

The Esthetician Consent Form app provides an easy alternative to filling out lengthy consent paperwork. With this simple app, clients can easily fill out the digital consent form before receiving a variety of skin care treatments, from facials and skin analysis services, to advanced cosmetic surgery procedures for fine lines and wrinkles. The esthetician consent template  collects important client data, including pertinent medical information, medical history, current skin care routine and skin type, helping to ensure your clients have the best possible experience. And you can use the skin care service consent app from any tablet, mobile device or PC! It's important for skin care specialists to get client consent with an esthetician consent form before performing skin care treatments, including chemical peels, permanent makeup application, medical aesthetic treatments, laser treatments, coolscuplting procedures and application of specialized skin care products. Reducing your liability in the event of a bad reaction to a skin care product or mechanical failure is important for those who specialize in skin care services. 

Key benefits of this app: 

• Estheticians, medical spa owners, and cosmetic surgery offices can all benefit from this powerful skin care professional app that makes it easy to comply with regulations regarding informed consent in the skin care professional workplace

• The app electronically capture a client's consent for skin care treatments

• This esthetician consent template  is ideal for all skin care services, including chemical exfoliation, chemical peel treatments, and microdermabrasion treatments, as well as for treatments designed to treat certain skin conditions based on skin type

• Make consents easy, and keep you and your patients safe with the skin care service consent app

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Included Fields

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  • Ico textbox

    List any medications, supplements that you are currently taking

  • Ico textbox

    What temperature of water do you cleanse with?

  • Ico multiline

    Do you have any specific skin care problems / allergies pertaining to your face or body?

  • Ico textbox

    What skin care products do you currently use?

  • Ico textbox

    Have you ever had chemical peel, laser, microdermabrasion, or any skin resurfacing treatments?

  • Ico textbox

    Do you use Retin A, Renova, or Adapalene?

  • Ico textbox

    Do you use acne medication?

  • Ico textbox

    Do you burn easily?

  • Ico textbox

    Do you wear SPF?

  • Ico textbox

    Do you experience breakouts?

  • Ico textbox

    Do you experience an oily shine during the day?

  • Ico textbox

    Are you currently having your menstrual period?

  • Ico textbox

    Are you taking oral contraceptives?

  • Ico textbox

    What are your skin care goals?

  • Ico statictext

    If I experience any pain or discomfort during the session, I will immediately inform the esthetic...

  • Ico textbox


  • Ico textbox


  • Ico textbox


  • Ico textbox

    Esthetician's Name

  • Ico signature

    Client Signature

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