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Sales Force Automation Mobile Apps and Forms

Improving your sales cycle is one of the best ways to strengthen your business. But if you're using paper sales receipts, invoices, or commission trackers, you're wasting hundreds of hours a year. Mobile technology has come a long way, and with Canvas, it's easy to eliminate inefficient paperwork and switch to mobile forms and apps for your sales force.

Having your sales team collect sales-related information on smartphones or tablets will allow you to access and process information quickly and improve your cash flow. For example, you can take payment on site with a QuickBooks Sales Order or share a basic sales receipt in real time with your accounting department. You can also send professional, branded invoices and reports to customers in real-time. It's all possible with Canvas’s customizable sales force automation mobile apps and forms.

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Catalog Ordering Form

The Catalog Ordering Form mobile app is a generic, customizable form for any type of catalog order. The electronic form can be used to proc...

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Price Quote Request

The Price Quote Request Mobile App quickly generates professional price quotation templates for customers, tracking each quote by quotation...

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Sales Order Form

This is a straightforward sales order that can be used across many industries. Collect basic information on the client, the sales person a...

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Apparel Retail Form

This handy apparel retail form mobile app was built for a mobile retail sales associate or sales assistant. Great for department stores, e-...

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Food and Beverage Form - Executive Suites

Food and Beverage app is used by companies to pre-order food and beverages for special events at executive suites, box seats etc. Stock t...

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Transaction Register

Want to be able to track your businesses accounts payable and receivables quickly and effortlessly? The Transaction Register mobile app wil...

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Sales Checklist -

This app will be of assistance when planning a sales strategy. Any item not checked should be reviewed for improvement. Covers sales planni...

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Purchase Order - Deluxe 92T

Keep track of purchases for your business right on your phone. This handy app lets you record everything from detail terms, requisition num...

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Basic Event Estimate

The Basic Event Estimate mobile app is a simple way to complete and then submit work estimates. This app is designed for is designed for en...

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Sales Order/Invoice Form (Simple) with Mobile P...

This straightforward sales order now has the ability to accept mobile payments! Collect basic information on the client, the sales person ...

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Multipurpose Sales Order With Barcoding - Delux...

This barcode-enabled App expedites completing any kind of transaction receipts. This App is designed to make write-ups of sales, billing, d...

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Phone Follow Up Lead Capture

Form used by Canvassing organizations to solicit donations for non-profits and political causes. The form captures lead information and ha...

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Cash Receipt AA-508: A-Team 8030

A cash receipt form perfect for any industry. Provided as proof of payment, or payment received. <br/> <br/> Want a paper version of th...

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Graphics Work Order

Fill out printing work orders quickly and easily with this Graphics Work Order app from Canvas. Includes customer information, job specs a...

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Easy-Copy Business Budget

Planning and tracking your cash is vital to keeping your business running. Whether you are planning the next month or the next year, record...

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Window Order Form

This is a straightforward Window Order Form for "A" rated energy windows. Collect basic information on the customer as well as the product...

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Simple Service Report

This Simple Service Report details customer information, nature of the problem, system details, parts and labor. It is a super simple app ...

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Generator Sales Estimate

This simple app helps those who sell generators write up a quote. This app comes with pre-propulated fields of common generator types, whic...

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Sports Ticket Purchase

An application tailored to any arts, entertainment, or recreation ticket sales. This application accommodates the need for tier pricing for...

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Canvas - Send Us Your Form

Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a picture of your form and we'll make it for FREE!

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Cold Calling App

Give your telemarketers an edge by populating this app with information about the customers they are calling. Survey your customers use of ...

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Purchase Order Form (UK)

Use your smartphone or tablet and the Purchase Order Form (UK) mobile app to complete purchase orders. The app records contact details, pur...

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Frequent Diner Club Sign Up Form

This form allows for the collection of data about prospective customers for a company. It allows the customer to input basic information ab...

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