Mobile Business Apps Blog: Case Studies

How the UK’s Largest Real-Estate Services Company Increased Productivity by 50%

Real estate is an industry that is flooded with paperwork, but it doesn't have to be. Countrywide PLC sought to solve it's productivity problems by implementing a mobile inspection process for the 1,200+ different properties it manages on a daily basis. Learn how Countrywide recovered over 700 man-hours with just a single app!

By Keith Bateman on April 4, 2017

Home Builders Heaven: How Streamlining Inspections Increased Sales by $1M in 12 Months

A large regional home builder approached Canvas when their paper-based inspection process began to negatively impact customer satisfaction and productivity. Read more about their journey from doing everything on paper to converting to mobile inspections and saving $22,880 on form costs alone. 

Next Generation of Healthcare: Fawema Enterprises Cuts Documentation Time by 87%

Providing top notch home health care around the clock is not an easy job, especially when you use paper. Fawema Enterprises decided that in order to increase the quality of their service, for both their clients and nurses, they needed to make the switch to a mobile based platform.

Read how!

The Next Generation of HVAC: How Bruner Corp. Increased Efficiency by 62.5%

One of the largest mechanical contractors in Ohio, Bruner Corp. used technology to extend their competitive edge, switching to mobile forms to save 800+ hours in productivity w/Canvas. 

By Keith Bateman on December 14, 2016

Merchandising Made Smarter: Excelsior Saves $200K with Canvas

When you think about the Retail industry, you may think of shopping malls, clothing, shoes, and more. But for those in Merchandising, they know a lot of work goes into making a store look presentable and attractive for consumsers. Read how Excelsior Merchandising was able to cut out all their field paperwork and recover over 2,000 hours of productivity. 

By Keith Bateman on November 22, 2016

Cumberland Farms Decided to Ditch Their Paperwork and Saved Over $400K By Going Paperless

6 years ago, Cumberland Farms started increasing productivity & eliminating paper processes. The results are compelling, with a 28% increase in productivity since deploying Canvas. 

By Keith Bateman on October 20, 2016

How Tekpak Mobilized Their Manufacturing Line & Saved $121K By Switching to Canvas

Tekpak, which has been in operation since 2000, found that as their business grew so did their paperwork. Canvas was able to work with Ryan Hutson and the team at Tekpak to create a system of mobile inspections and approvals. This mobile Workflow process has allowed Tekpak to recover over 900 hours annually. Read on to learn more!

Why Service Electric Co. Ditched Paper Forms After 60 Years

Service Electric Company was founded in 1945 and decided to make their techs paperless 7 years ago. Learn how Service Electric made their transition from paper – and saved over $2.1M!

By Keith Bateman on September 28, 2016

Sierra National Asphalt Increases Productivity by 50% with Canvas Mobile Forms

Serving the state of California, Sierra National Asphalt has over 40 years of combined experience in the professional concrete & construction industry. They found that as their business grew, the frequency of mistakes being made increased because of their out-dated paper processes. So they began a journey to find a solution that would not only streamline their frontline operations, but also clean up their back office data management. 

By Keith Bateman on September 23, 2016

How Karl Storz Saved $115K Since Switching to Canvas

Since 1945, Karl Storz - Endoskope has been a global leader in providing the best in medical equipment and technology. As their company grew globally, so did the demand for faster and more accurate data collection. When they realized that paper was becoming a hindrance not only to their staff but also to their financials, Karl Storz sought out Canvas. 

By Keith Bateman on September 19, 2016