Initium SoftWorks Helps Its Clients Work Smarter—Finds Fast ROI in Partnership


Initium SoftWorks is a full-scale content services and integration organization that provides consultative and technological solutions to businesses looking to automate their workflows. ISW serves industries like logistics, manufacturing, and government—with finance and banking composing its largest client base. As the need for workflow automation grew over the past decade, ISW identified a crucial gap in its toolkit: dynamic electronic forms.

When more clients began to demand better ways to automate paper-based and manual tasks, Owen O’Conner, director of strategy and growth at Initium SoftWorks, realized that his company’s existing form solutions weren’t robust or flexible enough to solve the problem. When Owen conducted stringent research on which services could best fill the need for intelligent mobile forms, all signs pointed to GoCanvas and Device Magic’s digital solution as the market leader. Soon, a partnership was struck.

After a fast and easy integration process, ISW now supplements its mobile automation services with the company’s suite of digital forms and data analytics tools. ISW was able to round out its professional offerings and rack up easy wins for its clients.

The Background

Initium SoftWorks provides custom, data-driven automation services, and workflow support to vertical markets in industries of all kinds. ISW’s main responsibility is to identify inefficiencies in how its clients work and offer solutions to streamline the process.

Some common solutions and services ISW provides includes:

  • Automating accounts payable and receivable for more accurate and efficient billing
  • Eliminating excess labor hours spent on tedious tasks
  • Educating clients on new technological and organizational methods for optimal adoption and providing ongoing support

The Problem

As more and more clients requested ways to remove pen-and-paper or other manual documentation from their workflows, ISW realized that its in-house solution to this core automation component was lacking. Without intelligent digital form integration, ISW clients were stuck manually re-keying data and missing out on real-time business insights that would benefit their decision-making.

These subpar data management tools were inhibiting ISW’s workflow as well. Without granular insights into how clients used its internal forms, ISW couldn’t easily replicate solutions for companies with similar problems—meaning opportunities for new business were being missed while personnel muddled through manual documents.

When ISW decided to look outward for a solution, the company had some strict requirements, including:

  • An easy-to-use platform that could be adopted quickly and put to work solving customer pain points.
  • A highly functional forms application that could work seamlessly with and augment existing solutions.
  • Dedicated and responsive customer support resources, especially during the initial onboarding and engineer-training phase.

ISW didn’t just need a forms and data analytics platform to provide the kinds of automation and business insights its clients depended on—it needed a partner to help incorporate a new way to solve problems at scale.

The Solution

Adopting GoCanvas & Device Magic’s Suite of Mobile Forms and Dedicated Customer Services

After exhaustive market research, Owen and his team approached GoCanvas and Device Magic about filling the gap in ISW’s toolkit and delivering a better way to work. By integrating solutions, ISW’s partners could minimize manual data entry and build custom forms to automate tedious—yet crucial—tasks. Many ISW clients now also rely on the statistics and metrics gathered through submitted forms to measure the effectiveness of that workflow.

The flexibility offered in the partnership program really works for us and our clients. It aligns to how we do business and complements our other technolgy offerings we provide to our clients.” Owen O’Conner, Director of Strategy and Growth at Initium SoftWorks

Some examples of quick successes for ISW clients include:

  • Automating a trailer leasing company’s ability to quantify its trucks’ physical condition through photographic supplements to custom forms
  • Optimizing a railroad company’s train inspection process through an intelligent form

The decision came down to personal communication between the companies’ leadership teams. Instead of identifying a rigid system to learn and apply, ISW found a flexible, supportive partnership that complemented existing marketing and operational structures with:

  • Proactive quality control conversations for previewing future updates, identifying missed capabilities or incomplete product training, and highlighting potential roadmap considerations
  • Intensive technical onboarding support for faster adoption and rollout
  • Personalized resources made available, from in-house engineering staff to the professional services team

The Outcomes

While the partnership continues to evolve, the platform’s capabilities are now a fixture of ISW’s consulting strategy, which involves resolving clients’ challenges in the most effective and affordable way. By providing a tangible solution to digital document automation and analytics, ISW’s partnership with GoCanvas and Device Magic has demonstrated real value to clients and stakeholders—making the company more competitive and driving significant ROI.

To date, ISW’s partnership has resulted in:

  • Hard dollar savings to our clients within the first two projects
  • Hundreds of work hours saved for clients
  • Measurably faster workflows that allow for data-backed line-of-business applications on current and future invoices

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