How GoCanvas Drives Efficiency in Mobile Health Care


House Call Doctors is a small, primary care practice that specializes in providing medical care to underserved patients in their homes. On an annual basis, House Call Doctors performs over 6,000 in-home wellness visits in partnership with insurance providers to ensure all member services are received and diagnoses are properly documented. 

The Problem

Outdated, laborsome processes were making it difficult for House Call Doctors to keep pace with the health insurance industry’s highly complex requirements, resulting in assessment questions being inadvertently missed, submissions being rejected, and hours of rework.

  • Navigating lengthy, complicated questionnaires 
  • Distilling extensive documentation into organized PDFs for submission
  • Digging through a year’s worth of data to prepare end-of-year reporting 

The Solution

House Call Doctors’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system was not the right fit, and to build their own solution would cost upward of $2 million. Karen Singletary, Lead Medical Assistant, went in search of a smart, affordable solution and discovered GoCanvas. 

“I found GoCanvas, and it was the perfect thing for us.” said Singletary. 

  • Mobile platform that’s affordable, customizable, and easy to use.
  • Smart technology streamlines assessments by triggering if/then scenarios. 
  • Real-time data capture eliminates the need for manual data entry.
  • Custom PDFs enable submissions with a single click.
  • Automated billing, powered by integration, saves the need for a full-time resource. 
  • Analytics enable ongoing reporting and drill-down capabilities with minimal effort.

The Outcomes

Since implementing GoCanvas, House Call Doctors has realized a significant return on investment: 

  • Reducing session times by up to 33% 
  • Freeing up 1,500 hours of workforce time a year
  • Saving an estimated $35,000 in resource efficiency per year
  • Cutting down payroll processing time by over one workday
  • Significantly reducing billing time and complexity
  • Improving customer satisfaction and employee retention

“It’s a really easy system to use,” said Singletary. “With GoCanvas, we can do everything right now and send it off.”

Ready to Rethink How You Work?

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