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Working in fitness and exercise is a rewarding job that allows you to both further your interests and share what you love with customers. There are many types of roles in this area of work. You may be a personal trainer, physical activity teacher, fitness center owner, gym manager, workout planner, weight loss expert, swimming instructor or weight lifting trainer. Ultimately, monitoring and tracking your customers' health and progress is a priority and one day of doing this is through documentation.

This is just one of many ways documents are used in the fitness industry. There are also health club waivers, exercise plans, health and wellness informational sheets, email templates, weight loss progress sheets, personal training logs, health assessment forms, player evaluations and sports waivers.

Luckily, you do not have complete all of these health and fitness forms by hand. GoCanvas has apps that streamline these types of forms. These customizable health and fitness templates were created as a digital alternative to traditional paperwork and data entry.

Find and customize waivers and releases, participant records, logs, evaluations and more. Upon submission, the app generates a PDF that is stored in the GoCanvas Cloud. This is a great way to create and share health and fitness PDFs.

Our customizable checklists templates help you develop the perfect form for your day to day work, all easily accomplished through any smartphone, mobile device or desktop. When handling order forms reports, you'll want to be able share the information with your coworkers quickly and easily. All GoCanvas app templates can be personalized on mobile devices and shared as PDFs.

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