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Form Templates

Running your hotel, bed and breakfast, restaurant, bar or catering company requires attention to detail – and a lot of paperwork. Whether putting together documents for guestroom inspections, meal plans, food allergies forms, service animal rules, food code and food safety inspections or food and liquor inventories(, paperwork can take a great deal of time away from focusing on your customers.

Eliminate lost time and information by using our customizable accommodation and food service apps which help you complete everything from inspections, checklists, audits and more. These convenient apps can be accessed by desktop or mobile device. Enjoy having the ability to access information in real-time and easily collecting data that's accurate.

You can find all things pertaining to hospitality and dining services in the GoCanvas accommodation and food services apps. That includes food allergies forms, reasonable accommodation forms, dining services sales reports, food and beverage inventory reports, dining services staff hire forms, special request forms, ADA/disability services inspection reports, medical condition forms, housing accommodation forms and plenty other customizable food and accommodation services templates.

Once you have finished completing a particular food and accommodation services template, a PDF is generated and stored in the GoCanvas Cloud. Just like that, you can quickly produce food and accommodation services PDFs and trust that they are securely stored.

If you handle inspections forms and regularly need to calculate numbers, data or hours, then we have just what you need. Our customizable form templates help you create the ideal app built just for you. Paper forms are a thing of the past. Our mobile app platform allows you to build custom checklists reports and templates that can be shared as PDFs with any smartphone or mobile device.

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