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USDA: Food Safety Checklist Mobile App

The Food Safety Checklist mobile app is an essential tool for any food business. When used as part of a food safety management plan, the handy checklist covers everything from food preparation processes and cleaning checklists, to food service worker personal hygiene and food processing and food storage.

Make sure that your food processing or food service business meets food safety regulations with this electronic safety inspection tool. Easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet, the food safety inspection app can be used anywhere in the field, offering a helpful way to complete audit checklists and identify when corrective action must be taken to improve food safety.

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Take a peek inside the USDA: Food Safety Checklist Mobile App

Included Features

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Included Fields

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  • Ico date Date:
  • Ico textbox Observer:
  • Ico statictext Directions: Use this checklist once a week to determine areas in your operation that require corrective action.
  • Ico checkbox Employees wear proper uniform including proper shoes.
  • Ico checkbox Hair restraint is worn.
  • Ico checkbox Fingernails are short, unpolished, and clean (no artificial nails).
  • Ico checkbox Jewelry is limited to a plain ring, such as a wedding band.
  • Ico checkbox Hands are washed properly, frequently, and at appropriate times.
  • Ico checkbox Burns, wounds, sores or scabs, or splints and bandages on hands are completely covered while handling food.
  • Ico checkbox Eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking or using tobacco are observed only in designated areas away from preparation, service, storage, and ware-washing areas.
  • Ico checkbox Employees use disposable tissues when coughing or sneezing and then immediately wash hands.
  • Ico checkbox Food preparation equipment and food contact surfaces are properly washed, rinsed, and sanitized after every use.
  • Ico checkbox Frozen food is thawed under refrigeration or in cold running water.
  • Ico checkbox Preparation is planned so ingredients are kept out of the temperature danger zone to the extent possible.
  • Ico checkbox Food is tasted using the proper procedure.
  • Ico checkbox Procedures are in place to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Ico checkbox Food is handled with utensils, single-use gloves, or clean hands.
  • Ico checkbox Utensils are used to avoid touching parts of food that will be in direct contact with other food or a person’s mouth.
  • Ico checkbox Reusable towels are used only for sanitizing equipment surfaces and not for drying hands, utensils, or floor.
  • Ico checkbox Food is cooked to the required safe internal temperature for the appropriate time.
  • Ico checkbox The internal temperature of food being cooked is monitored and documented.
  • Ico checkbox Hot holding unit is clean.
  • Ico checkbox Food is heated to the required safe internal temperature before placed in hot holding.
  • Ico checkbox Temperature of hot food being held is at or above 135 °F and internal temperature is monitored and documented every 30 minutes.
  • Ico checkbox Food is protected from contamination.
  • Ico checkbox If heat sanitizing, the utensils are allowed to remain immersed in 171 °F water for 30 seconds.
  • Ico checkbox If using a chemical sanitizer, it is mixed correctly, and a sanitizer test strip is used to test chemical concentration.
  • Ico checkbox Smallware and utensils are allowed to air dry.
  • ...and More!

See it in Action

  • Use the USDA: Food Safety Checklist mobile app once a week to determine areas in your operation that require corrective action. Record corrective action taken and keep completed records for future reference.
  • Android: USDA: Food Safety Checklist Mobile App (Example 1)
  • Android: USDA: Food Safety Checklist Mobile App (Example 2)
  • Android: USDA: Food Safety Checklist Mobile App (Example 3)
  • Android: USDA: Food Safety Checklist Mobile App (Example 4)

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