Public Safety

Form Templates

All public safety organizations, from police departments, law enforcement and fire departments to emergency response, ambulances and food or general safety groups, have information they need to capture perform duties each day. Speed up outdated processes and paperwork by opting for digital solutions instead.

You can complete public safety mobile apps, which serve as customizable templates, on the go even when you do not have an Internet connection. This is a great way to keep everyone connected and on the same page and relay data more efficiently.

GoCanvas offers a wide range of public safety mobile apps, from public safety building inspection forms, emergency management plans, program guidelines, in-service training templates and criminal history forms, to mental health assessment checklists, emergency preparedness training documents, worker's compensation request forms, annual reports on arrests and much more.

Fill out all of your public safety forms digitally to reduce the amount of time spent behind a desk performing manual data entry for your department. Streamline your processes and save hundreds of hours while customizing apps to include all items that you and your team may need.

Once you have completed all the fields in an app, the app automatically generates a PDF and stores it in the GoCanvas Cloud. This is a quick way to gather all your important public safety PDFs and resources in one place.

GoCanvas inspections templates are entirely customizable and available on any mobile device or PC. Our apps can help you complete forms, generate contracts and handle reports - which can all be shared and organized as PDFs. If you and your group regularly distribute order forms or reports, then you will be excited to know that our apps can be shared as PDFs, via any mobile device or PC. With GoCanvas, all the details you want is always in the palm of your hand.

If you've ever wanted all of your order forms, checklists and reports in one place, then GoCanvas has you covered. GoCanvas has customizable app templates which can used to develop easily sharable reports as PDFs. Filling out contracts has never been easier. With our mobile app platform, you can prepare the necessary forms and then share them instantly as pdfs. Our checklists templates are also totally customizable so you can create the best app for you.

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