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Whether you are in solar installation or water management, documentation and reports are crucial for your business operations to run smoothly. You can easily lose or slow down your work when you rely on paper for these types of items. You could be wasting hundreds of hours a program year with even realizing it. Your job may be in energy efficiency, but you may already be wasting a ton of your own time.

From safety inspections to backflow device test reports, our utilities and energy mobile apps will help you get your work done faster and with greater accuracy right from your desktop or mobile device. Share and react to information in real-time, taking back control of your work day and increasing your productivity during the program year.

Mobile devices and apps are also a great way to increase energy efficiency, helping energy and utility companies stay efficient and productive without printing countless papers that will take up space in an office building.

In the GoCanvas collection of utilities and energy apps, you will find an app for everything you can imagine. There are apps for solar energy, energy conservation, public utility, energy efficiency programs, electric power plants, wind farms, investor-owned utilities and other energy sectors of the renewables industry.

Try apps to as digital solutions to traditional paperwork. Once you have finished completing the fields in a particular app, you can submit it to generate a utilities and energy PDF that is stored in the GoCanvas Cloud and easily shareable.

If you have ever wanted all of your checklists forms, checklists and reports in a single place, then GoCanvas has you covered. GoCanvas has customizable app templates which can used to develop easily sharable reports as PDFs. If you and your group frequently deliver order forms or reports, then you will be excited to know that our apps can be distributed as PDFs, via any mobile device or PC. With GoCanvas, all the data you want is always in the palm of your hand.

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