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Many people could use a hand with managing errands and increasing their daily productivity but cannot afford to hire a personal assistant. There are task management software options available but software can be quite expensive for those wanting to use them for their personal life.

Looking for a way to get organized without breaking the bank? Take a look at GoCanvas mobile apps that are designed for personal use and task management. These are customizable templates that do not require any coding and can be accessed by any desktop or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android and more).

GoCanvas apps can serve as personal assistants, in the sense that you can use them to track your meals in a food journal, create to-do tasks lists, plan upcoming events and much more.

In the collection of GoCanvas customizable personal use templates, you can also find templates for gift tracking records, restaurant reviews, tip calculator forms, au pair schedules, reminders, simple to-do lists, sewing project idea forms, packing checklists for camp, autograph albums and other apps to use day to day.

If you are looking for personal finance apps, take a look at our budgeting app templates, personal monthly budget forms and long-term goals sheets.

Want to create your own app from scratch? It is easy to create apps for personal use from using the App Builder's drag-and-drop tool, and there is no coding involved.

Once you have chosen a customizable template or built your own app from scratch, complete the fields and submit it. Upon submission, each app generates a PDF and saves it to the GoCanvas Cloud. It's that easy to create and organize personal use PDFs.

GoCanvas personal use and task management mobile forms come with user-friendly features, such as the photo capture feature which allows you to take and insert a photo into the app.

Sometimes having a little extra help can made a big difference in what you accomplish each day. Whether you work in a fast-paced environment and don't have enough time to put towards your personal life, or just want to digitize your daily activities, you will find that there are great GoCanvas apps waiting for you. Let the apps do the work for you.

Easy access to details is critical to success in the digital world. Our checklists reports and checklists help you maintain, schedule and track all the most critical aspects of your work. Forget whatever paper forms you have been using. Our inspections apps offer a unique digital platform that allows you to develop templates, track schedules, complete forms and do so much more. GoCanvas makes your job incredibly easy.

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