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Precision Teaching - Think/Say Nouns (Categories) Mobile App

Precision Teaching - Think/Say Nouns (Categories) Think/Say Nouns (Categories) helps in word retrieval and is an essential skill in developing reading comprehension. It allows learners to begin to visualize. Black Bee Mobile designs learning materials so students can reach their full learning potential. Our Precision Teaching Apps are designed to help students develop strong Foundations Skills required to become independent learners. Fluency is the key. Fluency is the ability to achieve accuracy plus speed. Fluency leads to Retention, Endurance and Application (the ability to combine skills to perform more sophisticated tasks) Black Bee Mobile sets high aims. It is important to chart learning and pay attention to the data. Our Precision Teaching Apps include the Timing Chart as well as easy to follow instructions and information regarding needed curriculum materials. Black Bee Mobile can help you assess your student’s learning needs, identify goals and prioritize to maximize learning. We want to help you develop an effective learning program using our mobile apps and curriculum materials.

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Take a peek inside the Precision Teaching - Think/Say Nouns (Categories) Mobile App

Included Features

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Included Fields

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  • Ico statictext Precision Teaching - Think/Say Nouns (Categories)
  • Ico statictext (MATERIALS) Curriculum Needs (None) Timer and Counter
  • Ico statictext Student is to name (Say) nouns from a category (Give category i.
  • Ico statictext (FLUENCY RATE) 60-80 nouns per minute
  • Ico statictext Personal Aim's can be set before each timing session.
  • Ico integer (PERSONAL AIM)
  • Ico statictext (SETTING TIMER) Set for 1 Minute
  • Ico statictext (FOCUS STUDENT) Ask Student "Are you ready"
  • Ico statictext (START TIMER) When student begins, immediately start the timer
  • Ico statictext (COUNT LEARNING) Count Correct Responses and Errors (Nouns Said Aloud)
  • Ico statictext (ENTER INTO CANVAS APP)
  • Ico statictext (REPEAT TIMINGS)
  • Ico statictext (SPECIAL NOTES)
  • Ico statictext To learn more about Precision Teaching or if you would like assistance in creating an Individualized Learning Program, Strategies or Supplemental Leaning Materials please contact Samantha Voelkel at Black Bee Mobile.
  • Ico statictext www.
  • Ico date Date:
  • Ico textbox Performer:
  • Ico textbox Counter/Charter:
  • Ico textbox Slice/Lesson:
  • Ico textbox Counted:
  • Ico dropdown Minute
  • Ico integer Correct
  • Ico integer Errors
  • ...and More!

See it in Action

  • Android: Precision Teaching - Think/Say Nouns (Categories) Mobile App (Example 1)
  • Android: Precision Teaching - Think/Say Nouns (Categories) Mobile App (Example 2)
  • Android: Precision Teaching - Think/Say Nouns (Categories) Mobile App (Example 3)

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