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Discrete Trial Data Sheet Mobile App

Discrete training trials are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Children are more likely to adopt behaviors when behavior is reinforced, and are less likely to adopt inappropriate behaviors for which they receive no positive reinforcement or a negative consequence.

Discrete trials are quick and are perfect for short attention spans and motivate through positive reinforcement. A child will begin to generalize learned skills to other areas of life. Instructions are concrete, concise, and without background influences. Use of the Discrete Training Trials mobile app on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device will assist you in creating and administering these discrete trial teachings in any learning environment.

Use of this app is perfect for anyone who needs to teach a child who has an autism spectrum disorder, lack of proper social skills, or received poor behavioral treatment. All discrete trial instructions are saved in the GoCanvas Cloud and can be shared as a PDF with behavior analysts, assistant teachers, or kept in the child's records.

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Included Features

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Included Fields

Customize to add, remove, or edit any of the fields below.

  • Ico textbox

    Student's Name

  • Ico date

    Date of Trials

  • Ico textbox

    Goal Area in IEP

  • Ico textbox

    Sd (Discriminative Stimulus) The command given to the student

  • Ico textbox

    R (Response) The student's action in response to the command

  • Ico textbox

    The Response to the student's action, e.

  • Ico textbox

    Type of Reinforcer

  • Ico textbox

    (Acquisition Item) The item being learned

  • Ico textbox

    (Mastered Item) An item that has already been learned.

  • Ico checkbox

    The student acts on a direct command, e.

  • Ico checkbox

    The student answers, e.

  • Ico dropdown

    Stages of Discrete Trial Teaching

  • Ico textbox

    Person Administering Trial

  • Ico checkbox

    Criteria Met

  • Ico dropdown


  • Ico multiline


  • Ico dropdown

    Trial Number

  • ...and More!

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