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Critical Thinking Learning Walk Mobile App

The Critical Thinking Learning Walk Mobile App is a tool for collecting data on the teaching strategies observed in the classroom. A useful tool for measuring learning outcomes, learning styles and behaviors, the app collects data on students' critical thinking skills and problem solving skills, and helps to identify whether meaningful, critical thinking is taking place as they learn subject matter. The app also collects data to determine whether the teacher is using is the most effective teaching strategies, such as open-ended questions, for the most beneficial learning experiences.

Influenced heavily by Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, the information collected focuses on skills in the Cognitive Domain, including higher level critical thinking and problem solving questions involving synthesis and evaluation. A helpful tool that makes it easy to evaluate thinking strategies and learning outcomes, the Critical Thinking Learning Walk Mobile App enables teachers, higher education professionals and learning communities to evaluate the effectiveness of their academic programs. With this app, you can discover how your students think critically and thus promote student achievement.

This tool can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Each assessment rubric is saved in your GoCanvas Cloud account and can be distributed as a PDF.

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Included Fields

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  • Ico date


  • Ico textbox

    Teacher Name

  • Ico statictext

    Enter number of times each behavior is observed.

  • Ico integer

    1. Students are asking higher level questions

  • Ico statictext

    Students were asking questions beyond Levels 1 and 2, remembering and understanding (see Blooms f...

  • Ico integer

    Students are collaborating and actively engaged.

  • Ico statictext

    Meaningful discussion among students was taking place in small groups; hands on activities.

  • Ico integer

    Teachers are using higher level Blooms questions.

  • Ico statictext

    Applying, Analyzing, Evaluation and Creating

  • Ico integer

    Literacy Strategies are being used in class.

  • Ico statictext

    Making connections (use of prior knowledge), determining importance, visualizing, making inferenc...

  • Ico integer

    Students are debating/supporting opinions.

  • Ico statictext

    Students were using evidence from texts, prior knowledge, research and other sources.

  • Ico signature

    Teacher Name

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