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OSHA Construction Industry Checklist – Excavations Mobile App

Excavation sites can be dangerous if not properly inspected. This digital checklist helps you ensure worker safety by going through all the items that need to be addressed in an excavation such as: ladder or ramp locations for trenches that are more than 4 feet deep, warning vests for employees exposed to vehicular traffic, testing and controls for hazardous materials, and more. “Yes/No” check fields allow you to tick off each item using your mobile device.

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    General requirements: Are all surface encumbrances that may create a hazard removed or supported ...

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    Have all underground utility installations been located?

  • Ico dropdown

    In trenches more than 4 feet deep, are stairways, ladders, or ramps located so that travel to the...

  • Ico dropdown

    Are employees exposed to vehicular traffic wearing warning vests made of reflectorized or high vi...

  • Ico dropdown

    Is a warning system such as barricades, hand or mechanical signals or stop logs used when mobile ...

  • Ico dropdown

    Are testing and controls used to prevent exposure to hazardous atmospheres?

  • Ico dropdown

    Are excavation or other materials kept at least 2 feet from the edge of the excavations?

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    Is the excavation inspected daily and after any hazard increasing occurrence by a competent person?

  • Ico dropdown

    Requirements for protective systems: Are employees in an excavation 5 feet deep or more, or with ...

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