5 Free Templates for Builder Checklists

A construction checklist is a simple project management tool used to help contractors keep track of a list of items that need to be completed or inspected as part of a job or work order. Building construction includes many different types of jobs to be completed throughout the project lifecycle, so companies will typically have many types of standard checklists to use for a given job. 

The most basic construction checklist can be created using a paper form. Excel checklists are also commonly used to create templates for building construction. Excel checklist templates are technically free to download, however, this form of recording data is not always in the best interest of a construction company.

For example, if you are a medium or large business with a distributed workforce, keeping track of Excel spreadsheets or dealing with manual data entry from paper forms can be a drain on company resources. The hidden costs of Excel templates and paper forms include:

  • Redundant and time-consuming work
  • Lost data and rework
  • Lost revenue and productivity
  • Decrease in employee satisfaction

A better way to create construction checklists is to use mobile apps and forms designed to increase productivity and streamline business operations.

Construction work requires a great deal of paperwork to start and finish projects. Instead of relying on paper forms, construction companies have started to use digital building construction forms that eliminate manual work.

These building and construction apps can be accessed by desktop and mobile devices, making them ideal for workers who want to use them at work sites without an internet connection. Form fields are completed using an app and PDF reports are automatically generated to be stored in the cloud and shared with anyone that needs to access the information.

Builders can create checklists and other types of forms to digitize all of the critical information that is created and stored as part of a project. Builders and contractors need digital tools for construction to create a competitive advantage, increase their productivity, and lower their costs by embracing simple technology designed for the jobsite.

GoCanvas is a trusted provider of mobile apps and forms for the construction industry. Using our no-code platform for mobile apps, contractors and builders can quickly digitize their paper forms without help from IT. The GoCanvas App Store has over 20,000 templates that can easily be customized to fit your business needs. Simply search the app store for building construction templates or follow the links below to some of our top checklist forms used by builders.

The project startup checklist is a project management app to make sure that all pre-construction services are checked before work begins. The construction project plan app covers everything from defining the scope of work at the job site, to developing the construction project plan and timeline. 

You can also customize the construction requirements checklist for your business needs to ensure that every step of your process is included. Once completed, the general contractor, management, and other stakeholders can sign off on the project requirements electronically to ensure that all quality standards are met.

project startup checklist template

The project closeout checklist app is designed to help with quality assurance, project closeout forms, and the entire contract closeout process. The app helps with inspecting completed work and getting the appropriate signoff from the contracting officer, design, and construction teams. 

Use this app to ensure that all details are covered when handing off project work for quality assurance purposes and that requirements from the general contractor and project managers have been met.

project closeout checklist template

Routine occupational safety inspections are required at all job sites. The work site inspection app ensures that your work areas are meeting necessary safety requirements and safety training is completed prior to work.

This safety report app reviews personal protective gear, employee fall protection, and other safety standards for the job site. Use this app to help ensure that your company is meeting employee safety standards and that all construction work is performed in a safe work environment.

worksite inspection checklist template

The new home construction checklist is designed to ensure that homes are move-in ready. The app also generates an electronic version of the report that can be accessed and shared online. 

Designed for use throughout the building process, the app covers both indoor and outdoor items in a new home, including inspecting the hot water heater, garage door, air conditioning unit, and plumbing fixtures. The customizable app for house building also helps ensure that building codes are followed and that the building project is completed according to the original house plans.

new home construction checklist

The construction task list app helps managers and construction contractors keep their tasks organized each day. Add notes about the construction process, manage schedule milestones, and more using the digital task list. This app helps ensure that construction contractors are all on the same page when it comes to timeline management and the work schedule, giving management transparency into the status of the project. Reports are saved electronically and can be easily shared with the general contractor, construction manager, and others on the construction team.

About GoCanvas

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Since 2008, thousands of companies have chosen GoCanvas as their go-to partner for seamless field operations.

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