How a Leading Hazardous Waste Haulage and Disposal Provider, FECC, Saves Over $100,000 Annually with Mobile Forms

FECC Background

  • Industry: Environmental Services
  • HQ Location: Orlando, FL
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  • $116,000+ Total Net Annual Savings
  • $114,000+ Productivity Savings
  • $2,600 + Savings in Paper Savings

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The Case for GoCanvas

Since 1989, FECC, has created dynamic solutions for the remediation, transportation and disposal of hazardous and industrial materials. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, FECC offers services throughout the United States. As the company expanded its services, information became increasingly difficult to track. FECC needed a way to get information to and from their managers, drivers and technicians in real time. GoCanvas was the perfect solution.

Prior to GoCanvas, FECC collected information from their employees via paper. Alex Naster, the System Administrator at FECC, described their manual process stating, “We had a major paper problem.” Paperwork was difficult to keep track of and became very costly. Lost paperwork, inconsistent reporting, and long turnaround times were not uncommon. Since the information was collected by pen and paper, items such as daily tickets and inspections would take a week or more to return and process. They needed a solution so that drivers did not need to pick up and drop off paperwork from the office each week. Alex goes on to say, “Since we were only getting 10% of drivers’ paperwork each day it was creating a major billing issue and was becoming incredibly time-consuming.” In addition to this time-intensive process, they uncovered other issues, such as people not even doing the paperwork or important information not captured for accurate billing. With a workforce that primarily is out on the road, drivers and office staff needed GoCanvas to help make their reporting consistent and immediate.

FECC decided they needed to eliminate their paper processes. When they came across GoCanvas it was a clear solution to their dilemma.

“No longer having to move paper from the site to the office, then reading, scanning, and filing it away has had a huge impact on our team’s productivity.”

– Alex Naster, System Administrator FECC, Inc.

Benefits of Automation and Efficiency

FECC revolutionized its data collection in less than 6 months with the help of GoCanvas. Now, a driver or technician can pull up all relevant documentation needed from their mobile device. When the mobile document is submitted it is received in real-time by the support staff. This process allows for consistent reporting across locations and personnel. With features such as required fields and conditional data, all management teams can ensure reports are accurate and complete at the time of submission. Alex explains their improved process by stating, “Now, there is no confusion or extra work. The driver can just hop in the truck and go.” GoCanvas’s workflow features have made it so each submission is automatically sent to the intended supervisor for an approval signature before it is sent to their accounting team.

“I love how customizable and easy GoCanvas makes it to create, edit, and dispatch forms for my team!”

– Alex Naster, System Administrator FECC, Inc.

To automate FECC’s process further, they have integrated GoCanvas with their accounting system. Once a submission has been approved by the supervisor, the data is read by the integration and pre-fills all the billing information for the accounting team. This not only saves their internal workforce hours of data re-entry, but it also allows the company to start billing immediately and in turn has improved their customer experience. Additionally, this integration updates equipment and vehicle information every few minutes so auto-populated information is always accurate.

“GoCanvas worked side by side with us on this integration, as if they were part of our team. Our real-time cashflow, P&L, and other KPI goals have been reached.”“GoCanvas worked side by side with us on this integration, as if they were part of our team. Our real-time cashflow, P&L, and other KPI goals have been reached.”

– Kellan Lawing, Chief Information Officer at FECC Inc.

FECC has continued to improve their flow of information by using a custom GoCanvas and Zapier integration. Using Zapier, their drivers and other field techs are able to request funds for a pre-paid debit card and send receipts to payroll. This is done through their integration between WEX and GoCanvas and makes sure employee billing is timely and accurate.

Since their implementation of GoCanvas, FECC has worked hard to modernize not only how they capture data but how the information is used. Using GoCanvas Analytics, FECC has transformed the way they manage information. After a submission is made the data is pulled into custom dashboards on the GoCanvas platform. FECC is using GoCanvas Analytics to get real-time insight into their profitability. The ability to provide accurate and relevant cost analysis has been a game changer for their company. GoCanvas makes their dashboards easily understandable for all employees and can alert management to areas that need attention.

Waste companies, big and small, that operate in almost every industry can search from over 20,000 pre-built mobile form templates in the GoCanvas Application store or drill down further and look specifically at mobile form templates for Transportation and Disposal. These can be completely customized with the online, drag-and-drop App Builder tool to fit an organizations’ specific processes.  Using that same tool many businesses, like FECC, elect to build their own mobile forms from scratch. FECC, ultimately chose GoCanvas because of the platform’s design flexibility and quick deployment.

Since fully implementing GoCanvas, FECC has been able to be a leader in the Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste, Remediation, Disposal, and Transportation industry. Their forward thinking and innovative nature has set them ahead of their competitors and has helped grow their success.

Overall, FECC has seen an amazing return on their investment in GoCanvas. Their returns have not only shown up on the balance sheet, but also in their daily productivity as a business.

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