While excavation tends to be a messy business, excavation paperwork certainly doesn't have to be. Clean up your approach to paperwork by opting for streamlined digital solutions that can speed up processes and improve communication between team members.

GoCanvas has a large collection of mobile app forms and templates pertaining to the construction industry, including forms and templates developed specifically for excavation work. These are incredibly convenient as they can be completed from any desktop or mobile device and do not require an Internet connection, so you can access them even at the excavation site.

If you are looking for excavation apps to help you with contracts, check out our construction proposal, construction contract templates and excavation estimate templates.

For safety-related apps, try out inspection site forms, quality assurance/quality control plans, accident prevention plans, health and safety forms and safety plan samples.

These customizable templates can make work easier for excavation contractors and excavation team members by streamlining data submission and retrieval.

Select an excavation app, complete the field forms and submit it to generate a PDF that will be automatically stored in the GoCanvas Cloud. This is a quick way to create and save excavation PDFs. From there, it is very easy to share these excavation PDFs with other team members in your line of work.

If you've ever needed all of your inspections forms, checklists and reports in one place, then GoCanvas has you covered. GoCanvas offers customizable app templates which can used to build easily sharable reports as PDFs. GoCanvas checklists templates are entirely customizable and available on any mobile device or PC. Our apps can help you prepare forms, write contracts and manage reports - which can all be shared and organized as PDFs.

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