Past Webinars

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3 Ways to Save Time by Eliminating Paperwork in 2020 | Feb 2020

Paperwork can be a huge drag on efficiency and productivity. But it doesn’t have to be. Watch out webinar to learn how to ditch your paperwork, digitize your forms and processes, and more effectively leverage your operational data to grow your business this year.

How to Save Time with Digital Inspections | Dec 2019

Watch as we dive into a case study + product demo centered around how the largest residential inspection company in the United States, US Inspect, has transformed their data collection and digitized their inspection processes with GoCanvas.

Getting Started with GoCanvas

Watch as we convert a standard work order to a GoCanvas App! Learn Loops, Reference Data, Conditional Screens & Fields and how to use our PDF Designer.


Catching Up on Q4 2018: What’s New with GoCanvas?

Watch along as we take you through some of the biggest enhancements to the GoCanvas platform!

Streamline Site Safety with the GoCanvas OSHA Compliance Solution

With OSHA’s new Electronic Injury Record Keeping Rule, it’s now more important than ever to start collecting all your site safety data digitally! We’ve developed a tool to make the capture and reporting of the OSHA required 300, 300A, and 301 forms as easy as pressing “submit” on your mobile device.

Automate Your Back Office Operations with GoCanvas + Quickbooks

Join us as we explore how integrating your GoCanvas platform with QuickBooks can increasing invoicing time and improve overall back-office efficiency. If you’re interested in learning more about this integration solution, email us at


Catching Up on Q1: What You Need to Know About GoCanvas in 2018

In this webinar, we’ll explore new features to GoCanvas including Cross-Screen Calculations, GPS Navigation on mobile, the GoCanvas Community, and more!

5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Business’s Efficiency in 2018

Catch-up on all the big releases from the past 6 months as well as the 5 ways that you can unlock the true potential of the GoCanvas platform within your business.

2017 Q1 Round-up: Features and Updates You May Have Missed!

Watch along as we take you through some of the biggest enhancements to the GoCanvas platform, including a walkthrough of the Dispatch Calendar!


2016 in Review – New Features & More from Canvas

Explore with us some of the biggest releases and enhancements from 2016!

Do More with Canvas & Zapier: Connecting with Google Forms

By connecting Canvas with Google Forms via Zapier, all the data connected with G-Forms can automatically generate dispatches in your account. This is perfect because you can embed the Google Form on your website or on a computer in your office and have all the data collected automatically create Dispatch assignments for your Canvas users.

National Safety Month – How to Improve Safety Compliance with Mobile Tech

To kick-off National Safety Month, we will be discussing the ways that businesses are failing to properly protect their employees from potential hazards, ways to improve safety measures, and how mobile technology is saving lives.

Learn how Clear Water Products, LLC saves over 200 hours annually by eliminating inefficient paperwork

We will explore the ways that mobile platforms like Canvas are changing the Oil & Gas industry by providing a cost-effective, easy to use tool for managing and collecting data in real-time. We will also discuss actual clients who have seen these results for themselves!

Spotlight on HVAC: Learn how two companies save over $500K annually with Canvas

HVAC is an ever-evolving industry and one that is increasingly going paperless. Learn how two companies, Allied Air and NAC, save just over $500K annually by transitioning from their paper process and switching to mobile forms. We will also discuss other common HVAC use cases and the fastest ways to go paperless today.

Google Sheets + Canvas

Interested in how you can connect your apps to Google Sheets? Explore with us how Zapier can make it possible to seamlessly connect your collected data to Google Sheets. 


Google Calendar + Canvas

Learn the basics of connecting Google Calendar to Canvas via Zapier. Find out how easy it is to take a Google Calendar Event and convert that data into a Canvas Dispatch!