Latest Webinars


4 Ways to Get More Out of Your GoCanvas Subscription | December 2020

Listen to this webinar to learn how to maximize your benefits with GoCanvas. It covers the top features used in the construction, manufacturing, and transportation industry. As well as how to make the most of each feature. We close with a live Q&A to ensure all questions are answered by product experts.


Analytics Webinar | Oct 2020

You’re using GoCanvas to collect information, but have you thought about taking that data to the next level? Listen to our quick 30 minute webinar that covers the benefits of GoCanvas Analytics, key features within the tool, and a live demonstration of the platform.


2020 Small Business Review: Operating in the New Normal | August 2020

In June, we reached out to our users for their help. We wanted to understand how COVID-19 was impacting the different industries we worked with and asked numerous users across multiple industries to participate in a survey. The survey included questions about how COVID-19 impacted their company, workforce, and services. The results are in and we are ready to share them with you, so we can all better understand the market post COVID-19.



GoCanvas Product Update | July 2020

At GoCanvas, we’re constantly working on new and improved features designed to make your work easier, faster, and more efficient. That’s why we recently added several new field types, launched a whole new way to collaborate in the field, and enhance GoCanvas Analytics. We want to talk you through all of the things we’ve done that can help your business during our 45 minute webinar.


How to Protect Your Business as States Reopen from COVID-19 | May 2020

With evolving guidelines from the CDC and state and local regulations to keep up with, it can be overwhelming trying to make the right decisions for your business. Learn how you can keep your team and community healthy during this difficult time.


How Your Business Can Navigate Coronavirus With a Mobile Data Platform | April 2020

The Coronavirus is significantly impacting the day-to-day activities and business operations of all businesses. Watch our 45-minute webinar to discover how mobile data platforms can enable businesses to quickly adapt and digitize their processes to minimize disruptions to their businesses.




Industry-Specific Webinars

Auto Repair

How Switching to Mobile Apps Can Change Your Auto Shop

Enjoy engaged employees, happy customers who trust your service recommendations, and bays filled with cars with little, if any, downtime.

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How to Use GoCanvas to Streamline and Grow Your Business

Going paperless can put you on the fast track to saving time and money. This overview explains how your business can operate more efficiently.

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How Going Mobile Can Strengthen Your Site’s Safety

Make inspections faster and more accurate, gain easier access to data, and adapt more quickly to changing regulations.

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The Why Mobile Apps are a Must-Have for Electricians and Plumbers

Stay ahead of your competition using apps that help manage time, effort, and resources.

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Field Service

How Accepting Mobile Payments Will Transform Your Small Business

Learn how accepting mobile payments can increase profitability and improve customer relationships.

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Field Service

How GoCanvas Shortens Sales Cycles for Mobile Workforces

Learn how GoCanvas apps can help you get paid in real time, make more sales, and improve your customer service.

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Field Service

How GoCanvas Gives Your Field Service Business A Competitive Edge

Boost productivity and shorten your cash flow cycle using mobile technology — here’s how.

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Field Service

How GoCanvas Can Strengthen Your Safety Compliance

Safety compliance is critical to avoiding injuries and expensive fines. How mobile apps can help you affordably streamline and improve your compliance efforts.

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Hazardous Materials

How GoCanvas Can Strengthen Your HazCom Compliance

Discover how capturing data in real time can help streamline reporting, improve business insight, and help non-native English speaking employees.

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Energize Your HVAC Business By Going Mobile

Five ways apps make it easier to capture information, tips for getting employees engaged, and how to dramatically streamline your billing and reporting.

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Inspections & Surveys

Prepare for OSHA Inspections with Mobile Apps

Learn how to create safety checklists unique to your business, manage and organize regulatory documents and forms, and analyze data to make your site safer.

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Discover How Going Mobile Can Strengthen Your Mine’s Safety

Improve your safety compliance, streamline your reporting system, and capture accurate information quickly using mobile.

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Oil and Gas

5 Common Hazards in Oil and Gas Extraction and How to Address Them

Discover how mobile apps can change the way you manage worksite safety hazards.

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