Why Enterprise Organizations Should Adopt Business Apps to Improve Productivity

By Danny White on December 31, 1969
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Let’s go back to the time before mobile devices graced the table tops of every business lunch. Then, people would be spotted walking outside without ear buds. A time when people in the field broke their backs lugging laptops, projectors, wifi dongles, digital cameras, clipboards, pens and portfolios around to every job site. Still, they felt empowered to get so much accomplished out of the office!

How great was it to be able to take a picture with a digital camera, plug it into a computer with a USB cord, upload the files, use the wifi dongle to connect to the network, open email, attach the image and send them! It took you only 6 steps and that worked…most of the time!

Thankfully, we have an app for that.

Many enterprises have seen the benefits of mobile apps. They don’t just save on chiropractor bills; they:

Eliminate steps in data collection

            Lose the hassle of data entry and time lag with paper. Many mobile apps allow your workers to send their data straight to the cloud. With API services, backend integration is a breeze. All this adds up to eliminating the need for manual data entry, and cutting hours or days out of your data collection process.

Provide more accurate, relevant results.

By harnessing the power of mobile devices, apps give you better quality data. From GPS capture, to calculations, not only expand your data but also gain greater precision in your information. Smarter data allows you to make smarter business decisions.

More than faster and better data, mobile apps strengthen communication between the field and headquarters. They reassure headquarters that the information is correct the first time employees fill it out. This benefit extends to all levels of the organization by reducing confusion and errors.

Mobile apps turn a business quagmire into enterprise productivity. By replacing legacy business processes with mobile apps, enterprises can feel confident that every data point collected and submission will be as productive as it can be.

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