Weekly News Roundup 1/18/14

By katie simpson on January 19, 2014

The weekend is here! Haven’t had time to keep up with news? That’s alright, we’ve got a roundup of business news to keep you in the know.

1. Do you want to become more productive? Forbes writer Laura Shin provides some great tips to help you focus better. (Spoiler: Take a break from the social media).

Whether you work in manufacturing or retail, you can become more productive (source)

2. Ecommerce is bigger than ever. Do you want an easy to use yet professional platform? Mashable provides a list of 12 great and free ecommerce tools.

3. Did you know Americans spend 25% of their time on social media? With consumers on more platforms than ever, Amy Ward explains why and how to build a great multi-channel campaign.

4. Are you thinking about expanding into a nwe market, or a new social platform?  Tracey Wallace on Mashable, investigates the diversify or die theory, for your benefit. 

5. Have you been hearing the tearm “net neutrality”? It’s all due to a court case decision earlier this week. The Wall Street Journal explains what this changes and how it affects businesses

What have you been reading this week? Tell us below!