Twas the night before inspections

By Jason Peck on December 19, 2018
Tags: GoCanvas Marketing

 A Holiday Miracle

‘Twas the night before inspections
And all through the floors
No one could find the checklists
Not even in the drawers

The people were freaking
And no forms could be found
You’d think aliens attacked
By their looks and their sounds

The field techs were home
Enjoying some warm treats
While our forms and paperwork
Were stuck between car seats

Our admins were frantic
And I was aghast
As CEO, I wondered
Would our business really last?

When out of the interwebz
There arose such a revolution
I opened my browser
To see if this was the solution

On to the case studies
I read through them all
Watched a few videos
And started to bawl

Tears of joy ran down
My cheek to my keyboard
So many 5 star reviews
For this efficiency sword

When I dug deeper
It was clear I’d discovered
This amazing mobile platform

And so much to be uncovered
With a robust set of features
To speed up our processes
We can do more with our data
And get out of our hot messes

Faster than a cheetah
This platform became
Our company’s top investment
And our work was never the same

Bye paperwork, bye forms,
Old norms and slow data
Bye errors, bye headaches
And trying to find things later

To GoCanvas we go
And heed the mobile call
Now build those apps, build those apps
Build those apps y’all!