Top Customer Questions from May 2017!

By keith bateman on May 16, 2017

We Answer Your Top Questions!


Have trouble getting started? Or just have a question you’ve been wanting to ask, but haven’t had the time to? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We took your most commonly asked questions from May and shared the responses here!

Q: “I want to receive a weekly email with a file that contains all my company’s collected data for the past week, is that possible?”

A: Absolutely! First, log into your account at and navigate to the “Submissions” section of the website. Once there, navigate to the “Export” column and click on the button of the mobile form that you wish to schedule the daily, weekly, or monthly report export.

You will be taken to the screen that you see below. You can pull a one-time export of a particular date and time range of data, or you may click the “Schedule Options” to specify when you would like GoCanvas to email you or someone else on your account an Excel file of data.

Scheduling Options - Canvas

Q: “My company creates and assigns mobile forms based on projects & use cases. Is there an easy way to organize the forms for my employees to avoid confusion?”

A: Yes, there is! With Canvas’s Folder functionality, you are able to neatly organize the various mobile forms you have by use case, project name, location, and much more! Folders will not only allow you to organize your mobile forms on both your desktop and mobile device but will also make extracting data a breeze. With Folders, you are able to view and download reports under the “Submissions” section by simply selecting the folder of data you wish to review. See an example of this below.

Canvas - Folders

Q: “If my employee accidentally fills in the wrong information on a mobile form, is there a way for me to update it as an Admin?”

A: We totally understand the mistakes can still happen when filling out mobile forms, so we have built in the ability to edit reports from both the mobile device as well as the website. Mobile editing is an option that “Company Admins” can turn on for account users that will allow them to update any part of their mobile records that they have previously submitted. With this option, Admins are not able to edit any records on their mobile device other than the ones they have submitted personally.

On the flip side, Web Editing allows for Admins to go online and view all records that have been submitted by users and make cosmetic changes to almost all of the data submitted(seen below). This allows the Admin to update text fields, check boxes, photos, and much more. Please remember, Web Editing does not allow for the changing of either signatures or GPS coordinates for data security reasons. A log of all edits, web or mobile, made to the data is also kept automatically so that company Admins may review it at any time!

Editing report

Q: “My work processes involve the scanning of barcodes. Does GoCanvas have the ability to scan and read this type of information?”

Barcode scanning has long been a core functionality of GoCanvas. The beauty of our platform is that we harness the power of the smart devices that your employees already have so they don’t have to carry around excess pieces of equipment. Our barcode scanning functionality takes your device’s auto-focus camera and allows you to scan a barcode so that the information automatically populates within your mobile form! This data can even be used to pre-populate other parts of your form as well.

Canvas Barcode Scanning

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