Top Checklist Apps for the Construction Industry

By The GoCanvas Team on December 1, 2021

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Embracing technology is one opportunity for contractors in the construction industry to increase their productivity and streamline operations. Checklist apps are one category of software solution that can be deployed on job sites to manage how work gets done. This article covers some of the top checklist apps in the construction industry, with links to examples and templates you can access on the GoCanvas site. We will also share some of the key benefits for using checklist apps and the top use cases within the construction industry.


Why Go Digital with Checklist Apps for Construction

Historically, companies used paper forms as the primary mode of collecting data, but more firms are beginning to move away from paper-based processes. Companies are now switching to digital apps that can simplify the process for everyone involved and eliminate the headaches of using paper forms. Bringing the process into the digital world is beneficial to organizations in a number of different ways. Here are some of the key benefits:


Improve Workflows Between Field and Office

Checklist apps help to streamline work between the field and the office. Eliminating paper forms helps to reduce the time spent on manual and error prone processes that can waste time and decrease productivity for everyone involved. All data can be easily captured using a mobile device or tablet, without requiring an internet connection. Digital apps transform how teams work, both in the field and in the office, with a suite of tools designed to improve and manage workflows.


Enable Best Practices for Data Management and Analytics

Digital apps for contractors help to ensure that data is consistent and accurate every time, with standardized fields for collecting information and best practices for data capture. Businesses also need greater visibility into their operations in real-time. Digital apps allow you to track issues in the field and have a quick turnaround time if another action needs to be taken, like scheduling further maintenance or repairs, for example. Apps for contractors promote best practices for data capture in the field and allow companies to easily roll up and summarize information for reporting.


Top Use Cases for Checklist Apps for Contractors

There are many types of checklist apps available for job sites today. These can help with safety, quality, project management, and much more. Here are some of the top use cases to consider:


Safety and Risk Management. Checklist apps are useful for converting your paper forms into digital safety programs. Perform inspections, report incidents, assign toolbox talks, perform safety audits, and much more. Digital tools help you to assign and manage your safety programs, helping to formalize these programs and minimize your risk.


Quality Control. Checklist apps are widely used to ensure that quality standards are met. Quality control inspection checklists can be utilized during all phases of construction projects, and PDF reports can be generated automatically for key project stakeholders. Managing quality control checklists using software can help your business avoid rework and delays. Checklist apps ensure this work is completed and can be monitored using dashboards and analytics.


Equipment Inspections. Routine equipment inspections are another popular use case for checklist app software. Preventative maintenance and equipment inspections can be performed from a mobile device or tablet, bringing this information directly to the cloud. Companies have found that real-time insights into field operations can help them become more proactive and address problems before they lead to larger issues for the project. Checklist apps enable data analytics and help to make your data actionable.


Project Management. Checklist apps are commonly used by project managers to ensure that processes are being followed on every job site. Common checklists like pre-project and project close out checklists help to keep work organized and provide a digital way to manage workflows.


10 Examples of Construction Checklist Apps 

There are many types of checklist apps available for job sites today. These can help with safety, quality, project management, and much more. We have compiled a list of the top checklist apps used in the construction industry. 

GoCanvas provides a central platform to manage all of your job site operations.  Follow the links to access the checklist apps on the GoCanvas App Store and sign up for a free trial to see all of our digital checklist apps for contractors.


1. Job Site Safety Inspection Checklist App 

This worker safety app also helps ensure that all construction work employees comply with OSHA standards in order to reduce workplace injuries and increase overall standards for workplace safety.


2. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Compliance Checklist App

The safety data sheet app enables employers to develop a hazard management program of occupational safety measures, including training, which is specific to the individual workplace, and to consider any measures that may be necessary to protect the health and safety of the work area.


3. Equipment Inspection Checklist App

Construction equipment operators and others who are responsible for preventive maintenance and equipment safety can use the electronic inspection form to perform complete equipment safety reports from anywhere in the field.


4. Personal Protective Equipment Inspection Checklist App

Personal protective equipment must be used and worn in many work situations in order to protect employees from harm and potential hazards. Use this convenient checklist to make sure that occupational safety guidelines are being enforced to ensure the safety of your employees.


5. Electrical Safety Inspection Checklist App

The electrical work inspection app for employee safety provides an electronic self-inspection checklist that covers all aspects of electrical installations, including personal protective equipment, circuit breaker safety and electrical cords. 


6. Quality Control Inspection Checklist App

Contractors, subcontractors and construction project manages can use the app to complete a new construction quality control inspection. The app inspects the pre-start phase, foundation phase of construction, rough phase, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, pre-finish phase, and finish phase.


7. Building Inspection Checklist App

This checklist includes a building inspection checklist and tracks all aspects of a building including exterior, heating systems, electrical systems, housekeeping, fire safety, evacuation plans, and other miscellaneous areas ensuring compliance with building codes.


8. Construction Pre-Estimate Checklist App

This checklist helps track all the necessary steps to complete before submitting new construction estimates. Capture all the details of different construction projects, including listing the preferred vendors, permits required, material prices and more. Use the information to create the final estimated cost for new construction contracts.


9. Project Startup Checklist App

The start-up checklist app is a smart alternative to project management software and paper forms at the job site. The construction project plan checklist covers everything from defining the scope of work at the job site, to developing the construction project plan and timeline. Once completed, the general contractor, management and other stakeholders can sign off on the project requirements electronically to ensure that all quality standards are met.


10. Project Closeout Checklist App

This helpful checklist is designed to help construction management teams and independent contractors. Use the checklist to make sure that all details are covered when handing off project work for quality assurance purposes, and that requirements from the general contractor and project managers have been met.


Looking for something not included on our list? Search the GoCanvas app store to find the exact template you need for your work.