Time Collection Becoming Impossible? Check Out Mobile Time sheets

By keith bateman on October 31, 2016

Improving Data Quality With Mobile Time Sheets

     Canvas Mobile Timesheets  Canvas Mobile Timesheets  Canvas Mobile Timesheets  

It’s Friday and you have payroll due by 5PM 

You’re searching through all your employees’ paper timesheets and organizing them by name and date. You then proceed to type all this information into an Excel sheet, row by row.

At the end of this multi-hour long exercise, you realize that you are missing sets of timesheets. What do you do? Delay payroll to track down the timesheets? Call the employees and have them try to remember the hours that they worked? Also, what happened to the location of the timesheets anyway?

This process is common among millions of companies who employ hourly personnel. Losing, misplacing, or never receiving reports accounts for hundreds of hours in lost productivity every single year. And with the new amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA), companies are forced to become even more vigilant about keeping accurate records when it comes to hourly employees or be prepared to face harsh fines.

So what is available to help track employee time and not break your budget? Mobile forms. 

By tracking time on a mobile timesheet, all your employees can update and submit their reports on a daily or weekly basis. This is a huge benefit because it gives your company the option of getting the information back even quicker, and not having to wait until the last minute to retrieve all the information.

Sierra National Asphalt went paperless with their timesheets & boosted productivity by 50%

If you prefer for your employees to submit their time in a weekly log, they can simply log into their smart device, input their hours, and log back out until they are back on site the next day.

At the end of the week when they are inputting their final hours, all they have to do is press “Submit” and the complete report is sent to the office staff. And as you can see, the report can automatically summarize the total amount of hours and pay rate for the employee without manual input!

Canvas Mobile Timesheets

You might be wondering, “how else am I able to view the data that is collected?”

Collecting and Sharing Data with Canvas

By using a mobile platform to collect information, your data is instantly being connected to the places you want it to go. This data can be integrated into your payroll, invoice or other data management systems for analysis. You also are able to easily export out information into Excel data sheets if that is still the preferred format. Don’t forget that since all the data being collected is in the cloud, you can easily perform real-time business analytics which allows you to gain better insights into your business and see where improvements can be made.

How else are you able to benefit?

By converting your paper process to mobile, it not only unlocks the ability for you to collect and process timesheets more efficiently but also gives you the ability to perform other tasks within the same platform.

You can convert your Work Orders, JSAs, Punchlists, and more into mobile forms. Now all your employees have to do is pull out their mobile device, fill out the form, and they’re done. No more wasted time on travel, lost forms, or mistakes! All your data is now found in the same database.

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