Three Signs Your Enterprise Needs a Checklist App

By katie simpson on December 15, 2013

You’ve had this checklist longer than some of your employees. Whether you use this checklist for inspecting equipment or visitng job sites, it provides crucial data for your business. Sure, you’ve had your problems with the checklist before, but it was your only option.

Suddenly, you have a choice. You could stay with your paper checklist, or go with a checklist app. You know the problems of paper, the hassles it causes. But going mobile will require an investment of time and money. Do you need to make the switch? Here are three signs an enterprise needs a checklist app.  

One: You’re Missing Checklists. Lots of Them.

The Black Hole, Bermuda Triangle, Twilight Zone, or whatever you’ve named it: it’s the place where your checklists go and never come back (you’d like your morning alarm clock to go there too.) Sure it’s funny. This no man’s land gives your office something to bond and groan over.

But this joke also reveals major issues for your business. It shows that your employees are wasting time, trying to recapture that information a second time. Memory (whether we like to admit or not) isn’t reliable, so your data is prone to inaccuracies. Trying to make the best decisions for your company becomes even harder when you lack the best information.

Two: You Struggle to Collect More Data

You’d like to collect more information during your checklists. Maybe you want a photo of the equipment you’re using. Or perhaps you want GPS location of your checklist sites. But attaching photos to a checklist is a hassle. You have to carry a camera, print the image, and then attach it (and make sure it’s at the right part of your checklist!).  GPS location? Light Dispatch Services? Sorry, paper forms can’t come with that.

Expanding your data is easy with a checklist app. By harnessing the power of your smartphone or tablet, you can capture photos, GPS location. No need to print and match photos to part of your checklist. Even better, auto populate forms for your workers in the field. Easily and quickly let them know where they need to go for their jobs. Can your paper checklist do that?

Three: Your Data Entry Costs Keep Rising.

How many employees do you have just entering data? Five? Ten? Let’s say you have 3 people entering data. If you’re paying them $35,000 a year, that means you’re spending $105,000 a year on salary alone. You’re spending 6 figures to take these checklists from the field and enter them into your database.

But don’t forget, you’re also paying to store that paper. How much space are your filing cabinets taking up? At 15.7 square feet your average filing cabinet is costing you $236-$314 (depending on how much you’re paying for your office).  There goes another couple of hundred dollars out of your bottom line.

With a checklist app, you only have to enter the data once. Fill it out in the field (can even do it while you’re drinking a cup of coffee). No matter where you are, it goes straight to the cloud for easy access. Some mobile apps, like GoCanvas, provide API integration. So your submissions can go immediately into your back end databases.

Nope, you aren’t dreaming. You’ll enter the data once on a checklist app and it’s done. With a simple switch, you’ve freed your desk jockeys to work in the field, effectively expanding your workforce. Even better? You’ll enjoy more space in your office without all those filing cabinets. Both you and your bottom line will enjoy it.

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