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Free Template for Roofing Certificate of Completion

By The GoCanvas Team on May 16, 2021

roofing contractor on ipad


What is a contractor certificate of completion?

A certificate of completion is used in roof installations once a job has been completed. The certificate is an agreement between the contractor and the client that the work has been successfully completed. It creates a record that the client is completely satisfied with the roofing work done.

Using a certificate of completion is a best practice for roofing contracting businesses. It ensures that there is a documented agreement and the certificate is signed by both parties involved. In case a dispute arises, there is a clear record that the roofing work was completed and met the quality standards agreed to by the client.

Clients and homeowners also benefit from having a certificate of completion. This document can be submitted to insurance companies when processing claims and used in real estate transactions to certify work that has been performed on a property.


Benefits of Using Digital Apps for Roofing

With a distributed workforce in the field and on job sites, it has become increasingly popular for roofing contractors to use digital apps for the certificate of completion. Paper forms can also be used to document a certificate of completion, however paper forms are not the most reliable for businesses. Some of the common pitfalls with paper forms include:

  • Incomplete or illegible data
  • Lost or misplaced documents
  • Inefficient workflows that require manual work

Instead of using paper forms, digital certificates of completion can be created using mobile apps and forms that streamline the process for everyone involved. While paper forms are prone to issues, digital certificates can be backed up in the cloud to ensure that they are always accessible for roofing contractors and their clients.


Key features of a digital certificate of completion for roofing

Mobile forms and apps are making it easier for roofing businesses to manage their processes for certificates of completion. Here are some of the top features of mobile forms and apps that help to make the process as easy as possible:

  • Mobile forms. With workers that are located across job sites and different geographic locations, mobile forms and apps ensure that workers can submit data from the convenience of their mobile phones.
  • Standard data. Templates can be created to ensure that data collected from the field is consistent, accurate, and complete. Required form fields ensure that data isn’t missing or left off by mistake.
  • Digital experience. Streamline the process and modernize how data is collected by using simple forms that make it easy to collect digital signatures, generate PDF reports, and automatically send the documents to anyone else that needs them.
  • Integrated ecosystem. Mobile apps are also designed to help contractors with many operational tasks, including work orders, inspections, contracts, and much more. Integrate mobile technology with the other cloud services your business uses today to create a modern and connected digital experience.


GoCanvas for Roofing Certificates of Completion and Mobile Forms

GoCanvas provides an app for contractors to document the successful completion of roofing for a building. This mobile form can be used as a template with many of the fields needed for documenting work completed in roofing repairs. One of the advantages of using the GoCanvas platform is that all of our templates are easy to customize to fit the exact needs of any roofing business. Using our no-code platform, anyone can customize the mobile forms and apps without needing advanced technical knowledge or help from an IT resource. Simply drag and drop to customize our roofing apps to suit your business needs. Organizations have found that going digital instead of paper forms has saved their staff time, created a better customer experience, and created a competitive advantage for the business. 


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You can download the roofing completion template app here and get started for free. Here’s what you can expect to find with the GoCanvas app:

  • Roofing installation and repair app capture all the most important details of completed roof replacements, general roof repair jobs, and installation of roofing solutions.
  • Simply enter the details of the residential and commercial roofing company job into the roofing completion form app, including roofing materials used, roof inspections, and more. Use the electronic signature capture feature to get customer approval.
  • Once the roofing installation and repair template has been completed, the commercial roofing app automatically saves the data in an electronic format for your records.