Now You Can Minimize Costs and Improve Customer Service

By katie simpson on April 8, 2014

It’s 10:30 am and you can feel the headache beginning. The phone is ringing because one technician is lost and another needs a more detailed explanation about a job.  You have the calendar out, trying to rearrange today’s jobs to keep all your appointments. Instead of spending the day on sending out invoices, you’re trying to fix the schedule, and communicate the technicians about the new schedule.

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopin cc

This is madness you don’t want or need.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Whether you’re an electrician or a mobile inspector, you’ve had one of these days. Explaining a job change with employees in the field can be difficult. Texting and email helps with quick communication, but it’s easy to lose this information or not find it. An email can be instant, but it’s no help if you can’t find it!

These pain points are real, but the cost for a field service management system may be way too high for your business. (When companies won’t even provide quotes on their websites you have to be suspicious.) Maybe you don’t need a moment by moment tracking of your employees in the field. If you have only 5-6 technicians, the automatic scheduling components may seem excessive for your needs. Why pay for 18 wheeler when you just want a pickup? 

The solution: a light dispatch

Instead of an expensive system with more than you need, you can use a light dispatch service with mobile apps.

How does it work?

For work orders or jobs performed, your employees fill out much of the basic information about a job while they’re on site. From customer’s name, location, even the original problem needing fixing. Instead of filling out this information twice, Canvas’s dispatch feature allows you to pre-populate forms on the mobile app. At the beginning of the day, a technician, for instance, will get a notification on his smartphone or tablet. It will tell him he has dispatches in the GoCanvas mobile app. When he opens it, he can see each form with the information he needs such as the customer’s name, the address, and the problem needing fixing.  

Example push notification with our dispatch.

Unlike a text message or email, technicians and remote employees can easily find these dispatches. With every dispatch, a push notification is sent to the employee’s phone. Even better, the home office can track when a dispatch has been opened, is being worked on, and when it is sent back to the office. Canvas’s light dispatch gives you the information you need in real time. It also ensures clear communication, and that your employees in the field can provide the best quality customer service.

Better service and lower costs

Going to a mobile dispatch system does more than strengthen your communication with workers. After every job, you can send a version of the service ticket or invoice to your customer’s email. What once was a 15 day sales cycle with paper forms can be reduced to 2-3 days with GoCanvas.

Customers also enjoy an easy to read version of their invoices in their email. Companies using mobile apps spend less time on the phone explaining old jobs or necessary repairs. They can provide photos for customers, and clear text to explain any issues. One northern Californian pool service and repair company has found that photos have helped him spend hundreds of hours less on customer service. He can expand his clientele, and his clients enjoy spending less time trying to understand repairs.

Behind the scenes, companies that move to a mobile dispatch system also spend less on data entry. With paper forms, all the information written on paper would then need to be typed into a computer. When you fill forms out on GoCanvas, they go straight to the cloud. There, you can download it as an Excel or CSV file. It’s easy to integrate GoCanvas mobile apps with any database you use such as Quickbooks or Salesforce. One plumber was able to save $40,000 a year by cutting their data entry costs with GoCanvas!

You don’t have to choose between the havoc of paper or the expense of a full dispatch system. Try GoCanvas for free and save hundreds of hours this year alone.