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Manage Multiple Projects with Construction Management Software

By GoCanvas Team on November 2, 2022

As a construction business owner, your company may be responsible for managing several different projects simultaneously. Each project carries its own set of financials and resources that must be managed separately. 

Recent developments in software for construction management have greatly improved a stakeholder’s ability to remain profitable and keep a close eye on all of their projects. With insight into key areas of each project, owners are empowered to make important decisions in real time. 

Financial Management

In the financing stages of a construction project, you may be responsible for securing funding, managing bids, and forecasting budgets. Throughout the lifecycle of the project, your responsibilities shift too frequently in assessing profitability. Project owners may even be required to share monthly or quarterly project reports with investors.

Financial data for construction projects have historically lived in spreadsheets that make construction budgeting and finance tracking difficult. Construction management software removes the complexity of pulling actionable insights from financial data by organizing important information about each project in readable and shareable interfaces. 

Construction management software allows you to

The software provides you with the oversight you need throughout the phases of each construction project. Incidentals and last-minute changes can carry major implications for construction budgets, making it crucial that you’re equipped with the real-time information you need to stay on track. 

Compliance & Safety Management 

Project risk increases once the work has begun. Construction safety becomes a number one priority the minute workers reach the job site. 

To increase accountability and minimize risk, compliance and safety management need to be streamlined. Project stakeholders require access to real-time safety reports to avoid costly, life-threatening mistakes. 

As a construction business owner, keeping an eye on the compliance and safety needs of each project can seem daunting. Collecting information from inspections, walkthroughs, and incident reports requires communicating with many subcontractors across the project. 

Construction project management software groups information for each project into a centralized dashboard. Forms, checklists, and compliance reports can be shared with specific groups of team members, allowing you to track completion in one location.

Centralizing required forms also allows project stakeholders to dispatch required documents straight to the mobile devices of team members in the field. Construction management software provides a level of oversight that holds everyone accountable at every moment. 

You no longer need to chase subcontractors down to complete or deliver a form. 

Resource Management

Project statuses change daily. Effectively managing your workforce and resources across job sites makes it possible for you to adapt and pivot quickly. 

But manual processes used to collect the data necessary to make decisions create costly inefficiencies. Construction project management software allows your contractors to collect resource and workforce information about every construction project. 

Team leads can document team member performance and attendance in real-time, setting expectations that keep you efficient. Equipment can be evaluated daily using checklists that ensure everything is in working order. Plus, construction management software uses a cloud-based system that makes important job site data available to all project stakeholders at any time. 

Streamlining your resource management and staying on budget throughout each phase of construction becomes an attainable reality. 

Increase Productivity with One Tool

GoCanvas makes managing every aspect of your construction projects incredibly easy. Our construction management software allows you to create an infinite amount of templates for any construction process. 

With our analytics tool, we aggregate document data across projects and instantly generate a branded report you can share with key stakeholders. Our integration feature allows you to connect outside sources of data such as Salesforce and Quickbooks so you can manage your information in one convenient dashboard.

We’ve helped over 5,000 companies save time and money by centralizing important processes and providing them with a single interface that makes project management simple. 

Reach out for a personalized demo to discover how we can increase the productivity of your construction business.