[Live Webinar] Learn How One Oil Company Saves 200+ Hours Annually By Going Paperless

By keith bateman on May 31, 2016

The Oil and Gas industry is one of great change and fluctuations. 10 years ago the industry was booming and cost cutting procedures weren't necessary. Today the market is in a severe decline where companies are fighting to keep jobs for their employees. Now is the time to deploy solutions that will not only provide short-term, cost-saving benefits, but that will also provide future growth in the market. We will explore the ways that mobile platforms like GoCanvas are changing the Oil & Gas industry by providing a cost-effective, easy to use tool for managing and collecting data in real-time and helping oil companies go paperless. Document management and business processes can now be automated and streamlined.

In this webinar, we also discuss actual clients who have seen these results for themselves. The paperless oil company is not just possible; it's a necessity for companies looking for a competitive advantage. 

Watch the webinar below to learn how companies in the Oil & Gas industry are automating their workflow processes and increasing profitability by eliminating paper. In under 30 minutes, you will learn how simple and easy it is to take your paper intensive data collection process and streamline it with a mobile based platform like Canvas.. 

Check out the webinar to learn:

  • Where Oil & Gas companies lose money with paper

  • Why companies are mobile towards mobile technology

  • How data is stored and shared instantly

  • Best use cases for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Case Study: Clear Water Products