Let’s Get Digital: Electrical Company Makes the Switch from Paper to GoCanvas Apps on iPhone and iPa

By kalliopi vlastos on November 16, 2011

Install Home Theater with GoCanvas Apps

The company, which provides light and power solutions, installs data and phone lines as well as home theaters, has created two simple apps to keep track of its technicians’ time on the clock and job site details.

The Electrical Weekly Timesheet app records the employee’s name, pay dates, start and finish times along with the technician’s break length and the total time spent on the job. On the last screen, the employee is prompted to sign the app to affirm that the information he entered is correct. Then he submits the app and sends the GoCanvas generated PDF back to the office.

The Job Sheet app is even simpler, gathering information about the job, description of the work completed, time spent working, and materials used. The techs also capture their GPS location on a small map so the administrators back at the office know exactly where they really are when they say they're on the job site.

The value in using GoCanvas apps for this company is substantial. They no longer need to collect paper time sheets from each of their employees, only to reenter the data into their system. With a few clicks on their iPhones and iPads, the data is transferred seamlessly into administrator’s GoCanvas account.

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