How to Boost Your Productivity by Switching to GoCanvas for your Mobile Forms

By Jason Good on November 27, 2013

You know the benefits of using mobile devices for data collection. But, which mobile app should you go with? In working with organizations big and small, GoCanvas has a number of features that will boost your productivity beyond what you might have thought or expected with mobile apps. 

Reference Data

With this feature, you can upload and use your own data in a GoCanvas app.  From a parts/price list to a customer list, reference data can make your forms much faster for your mobile workers.  For instance, with a parts/price list, they could choose a part from a list. Then, the price, description, and part number would be auto-populated saving your user time. This feature is great for estimates, invoices, even work orders. You’ll get more done in less time with GoCanvas. 

Scoring and Calculations

Many companies come to GoCanvas looking for a faster way to score something.  Perhaps you evaluate employees and rate their performance on the job. Or maybe you conduct inspections of your facilities and your ratings produce a score.  Sure, excel could do the calculations, but lugging a laptop around is a pain!  

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Do you want to keep squinting over paper? (source)

With GoCanvas, you can fill out your evaluation and then our app will generate the score.  No longer spend hours spread over paper forms with a calculator in hand. GoCanvas cuts steps out of your process, saving you hours on these important calculations. Even better? It cuts out the issue of human error, so you can rest easy knowing your scores are accurate, every time. 

User-Based Functionality

At GoCanvas, we believe that forms should be painless and fast. So, we gave our apps the ability to behave differently based on the user.  For example, your technician, Jane Smith, fills out a work order each time she completes a job.  She takes a minute to fill out her name, the address, the time and date. While a small moment, these add up over jobs. Plus, it’s easy to misspell an address, or use the wrong date, causing you even more hassle down the line!

With GoCanvas, you can auto-populate fields for your technicians.  If Jane logs in, then her name appears automatically.  You can even auto-populate time and date fields so Jane can spend time on her inspection, not trying to figure out the date.

GoCanvas even lets you take this efficiency to another level.  When Jane logs in, for example, she only sees customer information of those assigned to her.  So Jane can click on a drop-down showing all of her clients.  When Jane logs in she only sees her clients. Joe Doe can’t see Jane’s clients.  You can also tailor it so every time Jane completes an inspection, the results are emailed to her manager.  


Ready for More?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of Canvas’s features. We’re constantly working to deliver customized results for how YOU do business. Combining our features offers all kinds of possibilities. Ready to see how GoCanvas can transform your business? Contact us today!