How Energy Companies Can Improve Data Collection and Compliance

By Kassidi Koronkowski on September 14, 2018
Tags: Productivity

Optimizing Data Practices

Energy and utility companies operate in a data-intensive industry that requires fast and flexible data processing to support continuous monitoring, analysis, and response to the complex systems that power today’s world. Energy production and distribution are subject to numerous compliance and regulatory requirements, which require companies to record their operations in real time with meticulous detail. It is essential for companies with multiple production sites running simultaneously to be able to streamline and integrate the collection of data from their locations.

Consolidating data collection on a centralized platform helps energy companies meet compliance standards and regulatory requirements. Data in the energy industry changes rapidly, and without seamless data integration companies face an uphill battle meeting these burdensome requirements. This is how mobile form automation solves problems for energy companies.

Increased Efficiency and Analysis

Optimizing work processes at the production sites of energy producers makes businesses more efficient and effective. Electronic data collection allows energy producers to collect data at work sites across the world, and share it, in real time, with other sites and with a central headquarters. Not only does this make regulatory compliance easier, it serves to enhance a company’s ability to make predictions, properly support its operations, cut waste, and respond to problems more quickly and effectively.

Mobile data collection and automation also allow for better analysis of a company’s data. In an industry that is ever-changing, companies need to be able to respond to changes in their operations, and changes in the industry as quickly as possible. Platforms in which data can be collected in real time and immediately accounted for, integrated with past data, and analyzed, is a necessity for any company that wants to be at the cutting edge of the industry. Today, keeping up with your data is an essential part of staying a step ahead of the competition.

The potential applications of electronic data collection in the energy sector are nearly endless. Users can input data of all kinds, and share across the platform instantly. Users can also collect signatures, take photographs, and capture GPS locations. Mobile forms are designed to fit the specific and unique needs of a company and can be used to make practically any business operation more efficient. Mobile form software brings the efficiency and organization of the office right to the site of production, eliminating any need to later transfer or organize data. Streamlining an energy company’s data collection can be a vital step to remaining competitive in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

Energy companies in today’s marketplace face a fast-moving and competitive sector of the economy. Efficient and effective data collection is vital, not only to keep up with regulatory and compliance requirements of the industry but also to contend with the competition. Energy companies that plan to stay afloat in this environment need to diligently record the data from their operations, and a centralized system integrating data in real time is becoming a necessity for competitive producers.

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