From Finance to Public Administration, GoCanvas is ready for Hong Kong!

By katie simpson on October 2, 2013

The next stop for our Asia-Pacific director, Andrew, is Hong Kong. More than the amazing skyline, he’s excited to meet businesses working in this bustling region. Whether you work in finance or public administration, GoCanvas has mobile apps for your organization.


Whether you work in securities or retirement planning, all financial organizations struggle with forms. From investment advisor contact forms to EFT authorization forms, GoCanvas mobile apps will reduce time spent on paperwork, and help your organization be more efficient.

GoCanvas erases the need for data entry and makes finding forms easy. All submissions go straight to the cloud and can be searched through your user portal. You can also create unique submission IDs based on data entered into the form. Whether it’s by date or a client’s name, GoCanvas make searching for the proper form even easier.

While ease of access is great, GoCanvas also provides corporate grade security. Admin users can restrict other users access to submissions and data. Additional security options are available with our HIPAA compliant options. These options include auto log offs and disabled email options, and more.  Learn about our security here

More than signing everyday forms, GoCanvas apps help financial firms respond to their clients’ needs. One retirement planning department uses our apps to capture important client data and take notes while they are in meetings. Not only do they get better information on clients but also create better forecasts. Read more about this client here

Public Administration

GoCanvas doesn’t just work with businesses, but organizations of all kinds. This includes government. From paving roads to managing stormwater, providing basic services requires filling out tons of paperwork. GoCanvas mobile apps have helped cities not only provide better services, but also expand their work too.

In one southern American city, the storm water management department uses GoCanvas. Rather than carry around five unique form types while doing inspections, they carry one mobile device. If a problem arises, inspectors no longer rely on lengthy descriptions, but a quick photo. As soon as they finish their submission, the office can access it as a PDF or download it for further analysis. Not only did this make inspections faster, but also saved money through erasing data entry, and storage costs from their overhead.

See how one town made their tax dollars go further with GoCanvas mobile apps here.

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