Fire & Safety Commodities Using GoCanvas Fire Inspection Apps Down on the Bayou

By Jason Good on December 3, 2012

Fire & Safety Commodities Logo

Fire & Safety Commodities has been serving New Orleans since 1979.  They install 22 new fire suppression systems each and every month for local restaurants and auto repair shops, and provide a host of services including kitchen fire suppression, hood cleaning, portable fire extinguishers, paint booth fire suppression, first aid supplies and more. They also provide fire inspection services to ensure that equipment is operating properly, and will perform an emergency inspection if needed.  

Fire Inspections can be long and if you're doing them on paper they are prone to errors, illegible handwriting, blank fields, damage, and can easily be lost altogether. Thanks to GoCanvas, Fire & Safety Commodities has taken steps to eliminate paper inspections and capture their inspection data electronically.


The folks at Fire & Safety Commodities are a pretty savvy bunch when it comes to technology. They jumped right into GoCanvas and started building their own custom fire inspection apps with our powerful App Builder, and were able to deploy them to their crews without any hands-on training.  They now have over a dozen custom GoCanvas Apps. Many of them are tailored for specific clients. Their technicians are able to open the GoCanvas software on their iPhones and access any of the individual GoCanvas Apps that they need for a particular job. 

Inspections can be done rather quickly on an iPhone, too. With check boxes and drop-down lists an inspector can move quickly through an inspection.  Pictures can be inserted as necessary along with electronic signatures.  An iPhone takes up a lot less space than a big clipboard filled with blank forms.  So technicians are not bogged down by paperwork.  And the completed inspections are sent automatically back to the office via a PDF document attached to an email.  Clients can be invoiced sooner and payment is collected sooner. 

All completed inspections are stored on Canvas's servers and can be accessed anytime via the GoCanvas website.  As soon as the technician uploads the completed inspection from his or her mobile device, it is available online.  Inspection data can be exported as a CSV file, too.  Want to see all of your inspection data from the past 3 months?  When using GoCanvas, that kind of data is available in minutes! 

If a customer loses their copy then you can quickly search the data and find a particular inspection, then download the PDF, and email it to the customer.  Are you making copies of inspections and faxing them to customers?  Or even worse, mailing them to customers?  That is like fingernails on a chalkboard to us here at GoCanvas!

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