Discover How Small Businesses Use Mobile Inspections

By nick linsmaye on March 27, 2014

Working with paper forms in the field is awful. Paperwork gets smudged, lost, and sometimes just temporarily misplaced—all of which wastes time and money. I could go on about how you also have to manually enter this data into the system once it’s back at the office, but you already know about that all too well. Luckily converting your inspection sheets to mobile apps can solve all of these problems, and with GoCanvas, it’s especially easy to do — we’ll do it for you for free.

Not convinced that you could use a mobile inspection? Here’s how small businesses like yours are already using mobile inspections.

Home / Building Inspections

If you are a private contractor or HVAC technician, then you know how detailed inspections can be—especially when all of that info has to be reentered back at the office. That’s why using a building inspection app makes so much sense. Mobile building inspections take less time and allow you to capture photographs. So if you see an issue, you can document with one click. Small businesses on every continent have already realized the benefits of using mobile building inspections, so we know you will too.

Retail Inventory Inspections

You can focus on selling great food, not on piles of paperwork. Photo credit: rick via photopin cc

Many grocers and other retailers use merchandise inspection apps  to check their product levels to most efficiently maintain their inventory. Using UPCs or any other product ID system, you can have all of your inventory already in the app, and all you have to do is enter the number in inventory or even check boxes for which items are low. Worried about your product IDs changing? With GoCanvas, you simply upload a new ID list to the site. The change takes minutes, and will immediately be sent to your mobile app.  With mobile inspection apps, the choice is yours.

Construction Site Inspections

Many private contractors and other professionals use Canvas’s construction apps, that allow you to do every type of inspection you can imagine, from job site safety inspections to building material level checks and delivery verifications. Mobile construction inspections will save your site managers time and also give you real time understanding of your work site. Once done, every mobile inspection is sent immediately to the cloud. There, you can see the data in real time. Small construction firms and contractors are using mobile inspections, removing data entry, and saving hundreds of hours a year The rugged tablet with mobile construction apps is now the most versatile thing on the job site since the tool belt.

Agricultural Inspection Apps

Using high-tech but easy-to-use features like GPS location tags and timestamps, our agricultural inspection apps enable small farmers to compete with the big dogs by precisely tracking pests, maximizing field output and keeping up with health standards all using agricultural inspection apps that you can use from your smartphone or tablet. So say goodbye to your clipboard and hello to mobile apps for the farm.  

Manufacturing Inspections

Mobile inspections help manufacturers ensure safety, and remove redundancy. Photo credit: ralphbijker via photopin cc 

Our customers are involved in the manufacturing of everything and anything you can imagine. But regardless of what they manufacture, we know that each of them is able to easily customize any number of the thousands of preexisting apps, especially those already tailored to manufacturing inspections. So whether you’re looking for warehouse inventory apps, maintenance inspections, or safety checklists and inspections, chances are, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel to get exactly what you need – although, with our drag-and-drop app builder, reinventing the wheel has never been easier.

Regardless of what kind of inspection you perform, whether it’s outside of Des Moines examining crops or in Midtown Manhattan inspecting air conditioning units, you can rest assured that there’s a mobile inspection app for you.