GoCanvas Android Business Apps: Easy & Economical for Small Business

By nick linsmaye on April 21, 2014

Upsetting the status quo is never easy. In fact, it’s usually pretty darn difficult. And, while upsetting the state of affairs like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi did required the efforts of millions people, you are able to change the business status quo with FAR less effort. Okay, you won’t bring civil rights to billions by switching from paper forms to GoCanvas mobile apps for Android, but you will make your life and the lives of your co-workers more stress-free – and you’ll save money in the process. 

Wondering how that’s possible? Well, GoCanvas not only saves your company money on paper and ink, it also allows for greatly increased productivity due to fewer errors, no need to enter information in twice, and easily shared information. Still skeptical? We have a few features that will change change your mind:

All the functions you want, and then some

How would you like to fill out a form, store it in the cloud so that it doesn’t get lost, and send it instantly to a coworker, customer, or vendor? Well, that’s just one of the benefits of switching from paper forms to GoCanvas mobile apps. GoCanvas apps also go WAY beyond the functionality of paper forms, since they allow you to take pictures, capture GPS locations, integrate with APIs, and double check that you haven’t forgotten anything before submitting a form.

One small business owner in Ohio, for instance, would meet with prospective customers about house renovations. Before, she’d meet them, take notes, and have to write it up again to make an invoice to send. Today, she writes up the notes as they talk on her tablet, and sends the quote as she leaves their house. Not only does she do less work, but her sale cycle is shortened by days.

Our apps also let you do everything your paper form can do, like mark off checkboxes, sign signatures, and write—only, you don’t have to cram extra details in the margins when you’re running out of room.

With Android apps, you never need to worry about space for your notes. 

No two businesses, or their forms, are alike. At GoCanvas, we want to meet your needs, and the information you need to collect. Our app builder allows you to create your own custom app from scratch. You don’t need to know how to code or use HTML: We have a simple drag and drop builder(link). Build or edit as many apps as you want as often as you’d like.

You deserve to do business your way. .

Works on All Your Android Devices

Whether you have an Android smartphone, tablet, or a PC, you’ll be able to use GoCanvas on the device that allows you to most efficiently collect, store and share your data. So you could fill out a performance review on your computer, have a customer sign an agreement on your tablet in the afternoon, and fill out a form on your smartphone at the end of the day. And, since your data is stored in the cloud, you can start filling out a form on one device, save it…

And finish filling it out on another device.


More than ease, the GoCanvas system also reduces your costs. Storing paper is a quiet and draining expense. Just one four drawer filing cabinet costs $1,500 a year. How many do you have? Two? Three? Imagine what you could do with another $3,000 this year alone.

Free Apps for Your Needs

Unless you’re a pay-as-you-go subscriber to GoCanvas, it doesn’t matter how much you use your mobile apps – you’ll be paying the same low price regardless. So, unlike paper forms, it doesn’t cost extra to use GoCanvas for multiple forms.

Here are just some of the ways you can use our mobile apps:

There are countless other great uses for GoCanvas – just take a look at our free Application Store for thousands of uses.

Quality Customer Care

Live chat, phone, and email: We’re here to answer any questions you might have.  Our always-helpful Mobile App Consultants are experts at providing solutions to any questions you might have. No matter what type of plan you have, they are available 24 hours Monday-Friday. From large Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, we’ve helped all kinds of companies switch to mobile apps. This know-how will mean that everyone at your company is able to use GoCanvas, regardless of tech savviness.

In short, with GoCanvas mobile business solutions, you don’t have to change the world to make a difference. To paraphrase a favorite saying of mine, change happens one app at a time.