15 of the Best Inspection Apps in 2021

By Brian Sugarman on July 15, 2021
Tags: Business Operations, Data Collection

woman on job site using a tablet to perform a quality control inspection


What is a mobile inspection?

The term mobile inspection refers to the process of using a mobile device or tablet to perform an inspection in the field. Companies are eliminating paper forms and instead relying on mobile technology in today’s digital era to perform job functions like inspections on a mobile device. 

The mobile inspection is performed by a technician in the field and the data is then automatically synced in real-time to the office or generated as a report for the customer. Given the remote nature of many inspection job sites, mobile inspections can also be performed offline. Using an inspection mobile app, the information can be collected offline and synced to the cloud once an internet connection is available again.


What is the best inspection app?

The best inspection mobile apps should be simple to use and customizable for any business or use case. Here is what you need in order to have a best-in-class inspection app for your business:


  • Ease to use and adopt. The best inspection apps should be easy to use and easy for your entire staff to adopt into their workflows. No coding or advanced help from IT should be required with app development or customization, ensuring that you can quickly build apps and see a fast return on investment.


  • Fast time to value. The best inspection apps should provide an immediate value to your organization. There should be clear processes to help you implement and get started with the app platform, with dedicated customer success teams to ensure your organization is getting value from the inspection app.


  • Secure and compliant. The best inspection apps will have robust security for cloud software and will be designed for compliance with HIPPA, GDPR, OSHA, and any other business-specific requirements to ensure data is processed and stored properly.


  • Data integrations and insights. The best inspection apps will integrate with other cloud apps that your business already uses. Analytics and reporting capabilities should be robust to provide business insights in real-time to inform smarter decisions for operations leaders.


When evaluating inspection apps and technology, be sure to take these factors into consideration to ensure that you have tools that can help you scale your business, automate key business processes, and enable your business to work more efficiently.


15 Inspection Apps to Get Started With for Free 


GoCanvas is a leading provider of inspection apps and forms for businesses across industries. Our expansive library of templates is a great place to start when looking for free templates to use for your next inspection. All of our mobile inspection apps are completely customizable and are built on our drag and drop interface that doesn’t require any coding to build apps. 

This article compiles a list of our most popular inspection apps available for businesses in 2021. You can also search the GoCanvas application store for more examples and templates. Follow the links below to see how it works or simply contact our team any time to learn more.


Property and Building Inspections


Vehicle Inspections


Construction, Manufacturing, and Job Site Inspections


GoCanvas Inspection Apps 



Home inspection app

man holding tablet performing home inspection


Home inspection apps are used during real estate transactions to assess the state of a property. If you are in the business of performing home inspections, this app allows you to digitize the process of a home inspection. Dynamic checklists help to speed up the process and home inspectors only need to fill out the relevant sections of the form based on the house type. Use the dispatch feature to send out a worker in the field and automatically have a report generated for the buyer and for your office records.

Learn more about the GoCanvas home inspection app and get started for free.



Property Inspection App

Similar to the home inspection app, this property inspection mobile app is designed to assess the state of a property, specifically for landlords or management companies for their rental properties. This checklist inspection app allows property owners, managers, or landlords to easily check the condition of a residential rental property and record that it is in good condition for tenants. Digitizing this information makes it simple to create PDF reports that can automatically be shared with the tenant and the management team has a record stored in a central cloud location for easy access when needed. 

Learn more about the GoCanvas property inspection app and get started for free.



Custodial Inspection App

janitorial work station


Custodial inspection apps are used for janitorial services to denote which areas of the building were cleaned by staff. Using an app can ensure that quality standards are met and simple checklists are helpful for remembering all areas of the building. Digitizing this information can help cleaning businesses to elevate their customer service experience, bring reports, invoices, and a digital record of work that has been performed.

Learn more about the GoCanvas custodial inspection app and get started for free.



Hotel Room Inspection App

Many companies in the hospitality industry leverage the GoCanvas mobile platform to complete their hotel room inspections. This simple app provides a checklist for cleaning crews to perform all of the necessary tasks for servicing guest rooms at a hotel. Managers and hotel management benefit from having this information digitized, giving them more visibility into their operations and helping to understand the overall condition and state of the hotel in real-time.

Learn more about the GoCanvas hotel room inspection app and get started for free.



Fire Alarm Inspection App


Fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspections are common in buildings to ensure that all of the smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and smoke alarms are in working order. This app allows inspectors to perform this inspection using a mobile device or tablet and a report is automatically generated with the results. This streamlines the process for staff and gives instant visibility into fire inspections for management and anyone else that needs the information.

Learn more about the GoCanvas fire alarm inspection app and get started for free.



Pool Inspection App


This app is designed for pool inspectors and public pool managers so they can list safety violations, corrective actions taken, and document any required pool closures. The pool safety inspection app includes fields for a variety of details, including water chemistry, pool water cleanliness, equipment safety and more. Once the inspection is completed, the pool operator can instantly sign off on the results using a tablet or mobile device and have the records saved automatically to the cloud.

Learn more about the GoCanvas pool inspection app and get started for free.



HVAC Inspection App



HVAC inspections are needed to ensure the heating and air-conditioning systems are properly configured. This mobile app template includes important elements, including the HVAC ducts, air quality test, exhaust fans, testing for leaks and a thermostat check. 

As a building inspector or contractor, this inspection app simplifies the process for performing residential or commercial services and allows the entire process from work order, inspection, invoicing, payment, and reporting to be managed digitally. 

Learn more about the GoCanvas HVAC inspection app and get started for free.



Pre-Trip / Post Trip Inspection App


The pre-trip and post-trip inspection is performed by drivers with CDL licenses to track details about their trucks and report any damage or improvements that need to be made before the vehicle can go out on the road. Digitizing this form allows commercial truck drivers and managers to ensure that the proper inspection has been performed and signed off digitally to keep an accurate record for management purposes.

Learn more about the GoCanvas pre trip inspection app and get started for free.



Vehicle Inspection App

man holding the key to a new vehicle after inspection


The vehicle inspection app is designed for car dealerships to perform a pre-purchase inspection of a car. This mobile app is designed to digitize the inspection form that is used before vehicles are given to a new owner of a car. GoCanvas vehicle inspection apps can be customized to your needs and this template is a great way for car dealerships and business owners to manage the vehicle inspection process digitally.

Learn more about the GoCanvas vehicle inspection mobile app and get started for free.



Fleet Inspection App

Field inspector on ipad


For transportation companies that have a fleet management program, this inspection app provides a template that can be used for compliance, safety, and preventive maintenance. Managing this digitally allows fleet operations teams to gain greater instant visibility into their fleet with real-time reports.

Learn more about the GoCanvas fleet inspection app and get started for free.




Safety Inspection App

Construction safety helmets hanging on the wall


Safety inspections are an important part of any construction project. This safety inspection app helps contractors and construction firms to ensure compliance with OSHA and perform regular safety inspections of job sites. The data collected from a safety inspection app can be used as part of the safety management program and other important programs like toolbox talks, job safety analysis, incident reports, and more can be managed through GoCanvas for a comprehensive digital safety solution.

Learn more about the GoCanvas safety inspection app and get started for free.



Heavy Equipment Inspection App

construction worker filling out near miss reports on phone


Performing heavy equipment inspections are important on the job site to ensure safety and prevent delays by having greater insight into your equipment. This inspection app provides a template that can be used on job sites and includes all of the important details for the inspection, including the date of safety inspections, issues found, and other relevant details.

Learn more about the GoCanvas heavy equipment inspection app and get started for free.



Forklift Inspection App

man using tablet on construction site for safety


Forklifts are commonly used in many different job sites. The GoCanvas forklift inspection checklist helps ensure safe operation and identifies areas where forklift maintenance may be required. The checklist template covers all areas of the electric forklifts, including fluid levels, tires, forklift trucks, forklift operator safety equipment and more. 

Learn more about the GoCanvas forklift inspection app and get started for free.



Ladder Inspection App

man carrying ladder on job site with safety vest


Ladder inspections are critical for job sites to ensure worker safety. Using the ladder inspection app on GoCanvas, you can make sure that all ladder equipment is in good condition and any damaged equipment is fixed before use. Use this in conjunction with the other GoCanvas safety apps to ensure that all aspects of the job site are compliant with OSHA and injuries and incidents are avoided.

Learn more about the GoCanvas ladder inspection app and get started for free.



Manufacturing Material Inspection App


This mobile app is designed for quality inspections when items arrive or they are taken out of inventory as part of the manufacturing operations. The app is designed as a quality control tool to be used from anywhere and have a digital report generated automatically to simplify the process for workers and eliminate tedious paper work.

Learn more about the GoCanvas manufacturing material inspection app and get started for free.